• Austin, TX
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    When I lived in Austin, I took several float trips with this company.  I always floated the San Marcos River, and it was an enjoyable float of just about the right length.  They were always professional and true Texan friendly; it looks like the same person still owns it so I don't know why there would be negative comments here.

    These days I live near the Grand Canyon.  There are many companies around here that can outfit you for a river trip on any of several rivers.  But none of them are as convenient as Austin Float Trips.

  • 2224 E Cedar Ave
    Flagstaff, AZ 86004
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    15/10/2012 Avis mis à jour

    The wait has been _much_ better in the last 3 months.  Pizza ready for pick-up in about 20-30 minutes, which seems about right.  Tasty, locally sourced ingredients.  Pies built and cooked with great attention and skill.  Highly recommended!

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    05/07/2012 Avis précédent
    Very conflicted for my review.  I love the idea of their pizzas (locally sourced, organic foods… En savoir plus
  • 2118 N 4th St
    Flagstaff, AZ 86004
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    East Flagstaff's 4th street corridor has a new lunch spot, and it's impressed me every time I've gone!  It's quickly becoming my favorite workweek lunch.  Soups, sandwiches, coffee, and pastries in a simple, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere.  They're speedy, too, for those on a tight schedule.

    Unlike the other review here, I don't find their sandwiches bland at all.  I find them to be, well, very classic-sandwich.  It's easy to add cheese, salt, mayonnaise, bacon, etc to a sandwich to make it rich, flavorful, and unhealthy.  If you want that, by all means, go to Appleby's or Chili's!  But if you want an appropriately seasoned, reasonably portioned sandwich at a good price (about $7 for a whole sandwich), Jitter's is great.

    I have tried both vegetarian options, as well as the Dagwood.  All three were excellent.  I also highly recommend trying their soups, which I am told are made from scratch each day.  The potato soup and white lightning chili were easily as good as the sandwiches.

    Being on 4th street, a bit hidden behind Fratelli's, they don't seem to get much tourist traffic.  So if you want to support a great, new, locally owned lunch spot, I hope you will check them out.

    As a bonus for me, they also happen to have the same name as a really strange but awesome cat my neighbor had years ago.  So going here reminds me of Jitter the cat.  But that's obviously, you know, just my thing.

  • 3719 E Speedway Blvd
    Tucson, AZ 85716
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    This is a fantastic $$ to $$$ dining experience.  I get the feeling I don't need to say much more here, as it's been said already.  But here goes.

    I was a party of one, so I sat at the bar.  The bartender was very friendly despite being both busy and highly skilled at his craft.  Which reminds me: those Bohemian Bicycle Bombers -- or whatever they're called -- take a lot of work to prepare, so savor yours!

    Interestingly, having sat at the bar (a nerve center of the dining room, of sorts), I can report that the staff have excellent, professional camaraderie.  Maybe one grumpy one among them, but even then thoroughly professional.

    I stayed on the light, non-alcoholic side: a bowl of cream of asparagus & spinach soup, and the chicken & olive salad.  The salad took awhile to arrive, but I was well attended to, it was an unusually big dinner rush, and (most importantly) it was worth the wait.  Fantastic flavor combinations.

    The decor is warm, modern, and pleasing.  Not "modern" in that clinical, metallic, girders-and-rivets way at all.  And not "warm" in "Uncle Jerry's creepy wood paneled living room" sense.

    Overall, this was truly a dining experience at its best -- the kind whose sum total leaves you with just a little lilt in your step and happiness for the rest of your evening.  Sometimes, those can be caused by the friend and people you dine with at your table.  But in my case, have been there by myself, I can conclude it was all the restaurant's doing!  I will definitely be back.

  • 110 E Pennington St
    Tucson, AZ 85701
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    This was a nice, well-prepared dinner in a restaurant that might just think a little too highly of itself.  I'll put a disclaimer here by saying I was dining alone, so I couldn't have one of those magical nights out with friends.  I feel like this place could work well for such nights.

    So how does a restaurant think "too highly of itself?"  Mostly, I think they went overboard with the urbane decor/vibe.  Honestly, I avoided going here for over 9 months because it looked so sleek and chic from the outside; I have no sleek or chic clothes!  In reality, casual dress is just fine.  

    Also, the menu is presented on a chalkboard, which is a little pretentious.  Yes, it changes often but it's not hard to make daily copies of menus.  Having it as a chalkboard basically eliminates the menu as a conversation piece at the table, which is a pretty time-honored tradition.

    I got the Plato Poca Cosa, which almost everyone does and probably should.  I strongly agree with other reviewers: there was too much salad.  I like salad, but it was really getting in the way, became irritating, and had no dressing or real distinctiveness.  I mean really, what am supposed to do with a fistful of shaved carrots?  

    The food itself was good, maybe starting to enter the realm where food approaches a sort of art.  But it's not quite there.  I will say the mole' sauce was a revelation -- I had written off these sauces as cloying and icky, but this one really brought out dark, earthy and nutty accents.

    Will I go back?  Unlikely.  Would I recommend it to friends visiting for the first time?  Probably not.

  • $ Hôtel
    80 W Pinewood Blvd
    Munds Park, AZ 86017
    4.0 étoiles

    I have no complaints about my affordable, brief, 9-hour stay.  Very easy highway access, and about 20 miles outside of Flagstaff. You'll pay much more in Flagstaff, Sedona, and even Cottonwood for a budget motel.  

    Get a room on the 2nd floor to avoid creaking floors from upstairs rooms.

    Please set your expectations: this is a non-chain motel (not "hotel") probably from the late 60s, only minimally updated since.  This is common throughout the Southwest, and unless you insist on the dull cocoon-like sameness of chain motels, I suggest you just embrace the dated feel and decor as part of the overall vibe out here.  Your stay here will be sanitary and completely safe, based on my experience.

    While this isn't exactly, ah, a remote wilderness retreat, it does give you much more exposure to Northern Arizona's ponderosa pine forest (largest in North America) than you'd get in Flagstaff city limits.  If it rains while you're in this forest, you're in for a delightful pine smell that's simply one of the best things there is.

    Yeah, I had a room with an outdated, non-working kitchenette.  But I just wanted to sleep, not cook dinner.  This is not a problem in my eyes, it just reflects a different era in America when I guess people cooked in their motel rooms.

    And yes, when I was taking a shower in the morning I saw two almost microscopic slugs crawling on the shower wall.  People, this doesn't mean unsanitary conditions, only that this is an old building next to a forest.  The same thing could happen at your own house and you'd think nothing of it.

  • Oatman, AZ 86433
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    Oatman makes me feel deeply sad on the inside.  You should skip it.

    On portions of Route 66 cut-off by the Interstate (see the movie Cars), some towns have adapted and survived, many have not, and then there's Oatman -- a place that I wish would stop trying to hang on and just accept that the world has moved on.

    For a true animal lover, the burros will be a very sad sight, don't expect anything else.  They're bloated, roam the alleys eating garbage, and are pathetically and petulantly dependent on tourists feeding them.  Disclaimer: I once was a Park Ranger, and part of my job consisted of explaining why mule deer shouldn't be fed popcorn.

    Everything else is just very "low energy" in Oatman (apologies for dipping into the New Age phraseology well).  Food at the hotel is mediocre, probably just stuff bought in bulk from CostCo.  The tourist shops had nothing that jumped out at me -- think: tacky Kokopelli shirts and keychains, and "Sad Indian on Horse" motifs.  Even the town's tap water -- something I often look forward to in mountain towns -- smells and tastes awful.

    I know a hundred or so people continue to live here, trying to hang on to their community, and possibly a particular way of life.  But this just does not work for me, at all.

    If you want more uplifting and positive Route 66 experiences, try Seligman, or even Chloride (technically not Route 66).  For a real treat, try Flagstaff, the city that feared being cutoff by I-40 but ended up revitalizing and creating a genuinely great American Southwest downtown.

  • $ Pizza
    534 N 4th Ave
    Tucson, AZ 85705
    2.0 étoiles

    So this place won Tucson Weekly Best Pizza in 2010, dethroning Magpie's.  Two problems with this: (1) I think a blatant kickback scheme they had going inflated their ratings, and (2) they may be resting on their laurels, as quality has noticeably declined these last few months.

    Last summer's kickback scheme was simple: signs in the store said if you proved that you wrote a positive Internet review, you'd get a dozen free garlic knots.  Whether this translated to Tucson Weekly votes, I don't know.  Regardless: not cool, Brooklyn Pizza!

    As for the quality, maybe tonight was just an off night.  But the sauce was bland, slightly bitter, utterly unsavory.  One slice took 10 minutes to get and it wasn't even very busy.  It's rather clear the staff mostly is UofA students -- which I have no problem with -- but perhaps some essence of the recipes haven't been passed on through training?

    I still like the idea of this place, especially the eco-friendly solar panel thing they've got going on.  And of course a late-night slice of pizza is a classic great thing for an entertainment district (not many kitchens are open past 11:00pm on 4th Ave.)

    But they've lost some major points with me lately.  Meanwhile, Magpie's recent switch to personal-sized pies (instead of individual slices) has totally rocked my world.  Frankly, for now I strongly suggest you walk across the street and try a Magpie's specialty pizza.

  • 311 E Congress St
    Tucson, AZ 85701
    2.0 étoiles

    Sorry, the love affair is over, and I never plan on returning to this place.  I have no idea why my experience is so different than other people's, but so be it.  Here goes:

    (this is for the downstairs entertainment area, not the hotel rooms)

    A year ago, I visited for the first time right after moving to Tucson.  I had great drinks, talked to great locals, and saw this awesome Johnny Cash tribute band in the indoor venue downstairs.  All in all, a magical night in a beautiful historic hotel that felt like a truly special spot in my new hometown.

    Well, it's a year later, and every time I've gone back since it's been progressively crummier, with tonight's vibe finally being so bad it ruined the rest of my evening.

    Specific complaints:

    1) I constantly am made to feel I'm sitting/standing/walking/drinking in the wrong place.  
      "This is an exit only."  
      "You can't drink in this area, we're roping it off for something else."
      "Check your backpack over there"
      "This area's for people paying for the concert only"
      "This area's only for restaurant people"
      "Have you been carded yet?"

    2) 80s night.  Theme nights are fine, but I swear this is always happening when I try to just go for a beer.  The ground floor is in lockdown all evening, and my simple beer won't happen unless I pay a cover charge and endure ironically dressed people.

    3) Unfriendly regulars.  Outdoor tables are scarce, and not once have I been offered an extra seat at a table.  I know it seems wrong to blame a venue for this, but it's happened so many times it seems to be some kind of collective thing the regulars perpetuate.

    4) Super-unfriendly regular.  Tonight this guy walked right up to the chair I'd just sat down in outside.  It seemed like an empty area, and no one said it was taken.   But he just stood in front of me and stared until I uncomfortably got up.  He condescendingly said "Thank you" and took the chair without another word.  Again, not the venue's fault per se, but why on earth could this not have gone down one of a dozen alternate, more congenial ways?

    5) Boorish regular.  People drink, people socialize, some people get boisterous.  Sure!  But tonight, in what was already a deteriorating experience there, some fellow went into a smug self-important rant about Celtic drums, fifes and stuff, yelling about it to some other random dude.  It was the kind of voice you couldn't not hear, and it was irritating.

    6) Margaritas are worse every time I go.  They're hand mixed, but over this last year I've seen this place lose touch with the recipe.  Tonight's was watery, bitter, and still as expensive as always.

    7) Hipsters?  I keep reading this place is a "hipster" hangout.  I really don't know what a hipster is precisely, but if they are smug, ironic, self-important, and can't tell what a decent alcoholic beverage tastes like -- then yes, maybe this is a hipster hangout after all.

    That is all.  I don't like writing negative reviews, especially about local venues.  But I've had it with this place and had to air this out.  I hope you fare better if you go.

    Commentaire de Don H. de Hotel Congress
    14/05/2011 We are truly saddened to hear about your experience at our Hotel, more so that you once felt… En savoir plus
  • 4030 E Speedway Blvd
    Tucson, AZ 85712
    5.0 étoiles

    Welcome to Speedway Blvd., apparently once called "the ugliest street in America" by Tucson's 1970s mayor.  This stretch in particular -- clearly a relic of those 1970s -- shows us why.  Oddly, though, I love it... completely unpretentious.  Just don't get freaked out because there's a bowling alley and window repair shop across the street.

    I love the food here.  If you're searching for the best Korean in Tucson, I think this might be a winner.

    I've eaten Korean cuisine for years, but this is the first place I actually felt confident enough to branch out and try things other than Bul-go-ki.  I haven't been disappointed by anything here.  

    I get the feeling they really know what they're doing here, and that's not just because Korean soap operas and karaoke contests usually are playing on their TV.  This contributes to the nice atmosphere, which is warm and sortof wood-panely in a good 1970s way.

    Service is very friendly.  My only minor complaints are the food prep can be slow when it's busy, and I wish the pork bul-go-ki was a little spicier.

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