• 5226 4th St N
    Saint Petersburg, FL 33703
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    02/08/2015 Avis mis à jour

    Tablecloth issue resolved.  Happy customer here.  Owner contacted me directly and assured all is right.

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    28/06/2015 Avis précédent
    I initially gave this place 5 stars and a rave review.  While I stand by my previous comments on the… En savoir plus
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    My Sister and I stopped in here by chance.  We shared several appetizers of which all were fantastic.  We had escargot, goat cheese and beet napoleon, fried green tomatoes and thai chicken lettuce appetizer.  All were delightful.   Tasty, well seasoned and beautifully plated.  This was our first visit and we are excited to go back for more with friends and family.

  • 2151 54th Ave N
    Saint Petersburg, FL 33714
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    Best grilled reuben platter in town. I really love the staff here also.  Great managers, friendly wait staff and yummy food. I pick my favorite restaurants according to what I'm in the mood to eat.  So when I'm craving a good reuben this is my go to for sure.

  • 3201 Fourth St N
    Saint Petersburg, FL 33704
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    Average is about all I can say.  Just Thai Chicken was way overcooked and not that tasty. Chicken dumplings were ok.  They offer no drink options other than water if you don't want something with sugar in it which I think is ridiculous. They have four or five choices of iced tea but they're all sweet. Who doesn't offer an unsweet tea version?  I definately won't be back.

  • 179 2nd Ave N
    Saint Petersburg, FL 33701
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    First impressions:  Wow, beautiful,  impressive! I didn't find the layout confusing at all. Food cases basically go through the middle of the market. For most of the food cases there are both uncooked items to purchase for preparation at home and/or prepared foods/meals.  Fresh/uncooked ingredients on one side prepared/cooked on the other.  I thought this was set up quite nicely.

    The staff:  Fabulous, very cordial, helpful and knowledgeable for the most part.  Although I couldn't get the girls at the candy counter upstairs to explain the texture of a particular treat I was asking about. I didn't want to know/learn how to make it, I simply wanted to know what the texture of the candy was.   Perhaps they should be allowed to sample what they sell.  Just a thought.

    The food:  Everything I bought and/or tasted...delicious!  We sampled the beet salad (even took some home), and the curried cauliflower from the salad/produce/pasta counter....both yummy.  We got the St. Petersburger from the grill.  Very tasty.  They also make awesome frites/fries but they're not on the grill menu and you have to know to ask for them which I thought was a little weird.  The only way I knew they had them was I saw someone walking around with some and I had to ask.   We also took home some fresh pasta, short rib ragu as well as the sausage ragu.  All fabulous.  I didn't quite agree with the cook time instructions on the fresh Tagaletti.  That's my opinion based on how I like my pasta.  I will read other posts here for other's opinions on this.  The cheese case upstairs was surprisingly small in selection compared to the rest of the market.  Again,  the quality of the cheese was supurb, but the selection of cheeses at the Fresh Market on 4th Street N. way out-shines this one.

    Price:  I heard one employee refer to the market as something right out of New York.  Where pricing is concerned I couldn't agree more.  But this is not New York and I fear that people will only buy real foods here as an occasional indulgence.  I can't argue that the fresh meat, fish, produce, etc. are of high quality but shopping for proteins here on a regular basis probably won't be affordable for the average St. Pete. family.  When a rotisserie chicken goes for $12 ea. it should be no surprise when I tell you how expensive the dry aged beef and fresh seafood run.  Most in the $30 - $40 per lb. range.  Although my burger was delicious tasting I'm on the fence about whether it was worth $14 on its own.   Serving it with a side of those delicious frites/fries certainly would help lessen the hesitation to pay the price in the future.  Lets face it we have several locations in St Pete. that will rival that burger for sure.  Engine number 9 & The Avenue are definite competition for less money.  Although the Locale Market does bring more atmosphere.

    All said and done I would say most thing's in the market are reasonably priced comared to the area except for the protein and some prepared items. I didn't think it was fair to give less stars because of pricing issues.  It deserves 4 stars for quality, beauty and atmosphere alone.

  • 3942 Tyrone Blvd
    St. Petersburg, FL 33709
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    I had dinner here with my family for the 3rd time this past weekend.  I thought the first time I dined here that the staff, cooks and management needed time to settle in and tweak a few things since it had only been open for a couple of weeks.  Service was slow and the food, well, nothing to rave about.  I gave it another whirl a couple of months later. Again, mediocre at best. This past weekend some family members picked this place to have dinner together as a group.  I didn't want to spoil the plan so  I agreed to give it one more try.  Disappointment once again.  In fact I would confidently state worse.  Here are some of the reasons why:

    Keep in mind the least expensive burger on the menu is $9.99 The Old-Fashioned.  A burger on a sesame seed bun with American cheese, red onion, dill pickle slices and mustard.  They only go up in price from there.  The onion rings ($8.99) are the most flavorless I've had just about anywhere.  Have y'all  heard of salt?  Or any seasoning for that matter?  The burgers we all had: ($13.99 - $18.99) Buns, stale. Meat, under/not seasoned.  Couldn't tell the difference in flavor, texture, etc. between the "Angus beef, "Kobi beef" and/or "Buffalo".  We tried all 3.  Fries, limp and cold. French onion soup, thick and oddly flavored.  Sliders ($10.99), cold.  Management unprofessional, immature and obviously not to concerned about how the kitchen operates.  The manager was preoccupied playing catch with one of the guys on his staff.

  • 3601 66th St N
    St. Petersburg, FL 33710
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    I am boycotting IHOP. November 8th my sister took her 9th month old granddaughter to IHOP for breakfast. She brought with her a jar of organic fruit baby food and a prepared bottle. Since the baby is starting to eat some table foods my sister asked to see the kids menu, looking for oatmeal so that she could mix a little with the baby's fruit. She noticed that oatmeal was not on the kids menu although they do offer a bowl on the regular menu. So after verifying with the waitress that oatmeal was not on the kids menu, she ordered her breakfast and asked for a tablespoon of oatmeal in a small dish so that she could mix it with her granddaughters purred fruit. When her meal was served she did indeed got a tablespoons of oatmeal in a small bowl like what you see creamers sitting on the table in. When she received her bill she noticed a $2.99 charge for the oatmeal. She questioned the waitress about the charge and was told that she had asked her manager and was told to put the charge on the bill.

    I am not only astounded at the price for a tablespoon of oatmeal I am more bothered by the fact that although IHOP will offer kids sugars in every form they will not offer a more healthy choice....like oatmeal. Shame on you IHOP. We should be proud of a generation of parents and grandparents who want to encourage this next generation of children to make healthier eating choices. So IHOP, how about helping out by offering oatmeal on your kids menu and at a reasonable price.

    I would give them a minus one star if I could.

  • 56 Dr Martin Luther King Jr St N
    Saint Petersburg, FL 33705
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    06/07/2013 Avis mis à jour

    For the guy who gave this restaurant a poor review because he doesn't eat hamburgers.....REALLY!  I've tried just about everything on the menu that isn't a hamburger and I have yet to be disappointed.  The sriracha wings are out of this world!!   Exotic mushroom risotto, sriracha salmon, short ribs, gumbo.....all flippin' delicious.

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    19/03/2013 Avis précédent
    I live locally to this restaurant and relied on the Yelp community comments to help me decide… En savoir plus
  • 4601 66th St N
    Kenneth City, FL 33709
    5.0 étoiles

    No need to bore readers with a long drawn out review.  Great food with tons of flavor, cooking techniques just done right and more than generous portions.  A diner that does a Currant Glazed Roasted Half Chicken that boasts to be "the best chicken you'll ever have" and delivers. It was moist, flavorful and delicious.  You have to try this food.  The brisket is awesome. Even the more times than often boring coleslaw packs some yummy flavor at this joint.  If you don't get the croissant bread pudding with a warm vanilla sauce you've really missed out.  I'm calling Guy Fieri!!

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