• 555 Golden Gate Ave
    San Francisco, CA 94102
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    Went here recently (last Thursday to be precise!) with little to no information about this venue.  From what I could tell in the pictures, it looked super fancy and super nice, so I was pretty excited to go somewhere new. And it was cool, I guess..if you could disregard the fact that being in there felt like being in a steam room.

    Not sure if it was just for the specific event or if this is a usual occurrence, but I liked how we didn't have to bring a physical printed copy of our ticket or show it on our phone. Apparently, by purchasing the tickets, our name goes on the guest list? Completely new to me, but I can dig it. There's two bars inside the venue. One immediately to the right of the entrance, and one further down on the main dance floor. Both are unfortunately cash only and serve different things. I believe the first bar only has shots and cocktails, while the main floor bar has shots, cocktails, and beers. Apparently, they weren't well stocked the night I was there, as the front bar had somehow run out of Hennessy. On the plus side, the front bar is enclosed in its own room so it's a good place to go to talk, drink, cool down, or to just escape the crowds on the main dance floor.

    Anyway, back to the venue. It's very. very. very. hot in there. The kind of hot where I resorted to buying beers just to put the cold bottle on my forehead...I kid you not. Fortunately there's a back smoking area where you can go to cool off/smoke, but we didn't even know about it until halfway through the night.

    Other than the cash only aspect, I don't think this place is tooooo bad. Perhaps the night I went just had the venue to full capacity, but if it wasn't super crowded I doubt it would be that hot..so idk, maybe there's redemption for you yet, Empire Room.

  • 4750 Almaden Expy
    San Jose, CA 95118
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    I should've read the reviews before coming here but there's been so much hype about this place that I had to go and see it for myself. Just an fyi, I've only ever had a poke bowl once in my life...and I didn't even really like it LOL. So, just to make it straight, I wasn't even sure if I liked poke before I came here. I was hoping that coming here would change that (spoiler alert: it did).

    Got here at around 7 but I did not anticipate how long the line would be. Or how small the location would be. Or maybe a combination of both. Either way, when I got there about an hour before closing, the line was well out the door. It took some 30-40 minutes for the line to snake around to the front of the assembly line. Here we were greeted by a myriad of options, which to me is fairly intimidating but probably to everyone else was simple enough. Pick your size (regular - 3 scoops, large - 4 scoops), pick your base (sushi rice, brown rice, salad), pick your proteins (spicy tuna, tuna, salmon, yellowtail, octopus, shrimp), pick your sauce and spiciness, and pick your toppings (onions, cucumber, ginger, wasabi, sesame seeds, seaweed, green onions, and crab/avocado (for an addt'l $1.50)). The combinations are literally endless. I personally liked how they asked if they could use the same glove to mix up our pokebowl or if we would like them to use a new glove. I didn't end up having them change gloves, but I thought it was very thoughtful of them considering that people might be allergic to some of the things in other people's bowls or just may not want to mix the spicy and non-spicy sauces. My regular bowl came out to a little over $10 without any additions like crab or avocado but it was still more than enough food. I was starving so I nearly devoured the whole thing but it easily could've been shared between two people.

    Would I come here again? Maybe...but probably not any time soon. This place has been opened for some time now and it's just getting more and more popular despite the fact that other poke bowl places are opening around the Bay. Maybe if they figure out a way to go about expediting the bowl making process I would come back..but I can only see the lines getting worse from here, hence the four stars as opposed to five. I definitely would recommend it, no doubt, if the line were not a factor. Also if there were seating inside, as opposed to just outdoor seating, especially in the upcoming winter months. The mirror actually tricked me LOL, from outside I thought the place was huge until I realized I was just looking at the reflection of the other side...and that there was in fact, no other side just to the left of the register. I'm sure you can imagine my disappointment. All in all, this visit definitely confirmed that I am a fan of poke, so now I'm excited to try out other places closer to home, namely in San Mateo and Daly City and see if it holds a candle to Poki Bowl.

  • 48 S 1st St
    San Jose, CA 95113
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    Having gone to the nearby San Jose State University, it's no surprise that many of my weekends comprised of  visits to the Barmuda Triangle...aka  Temple, 55 South, and Nomikai.

    Not too sure when Nomikai started becoming the 'it' place, but I definitely always have a good time whenever I come here. First of all, like many places in DTSJ, there's no cover nor dress code. This is a huuuge plus if you're a broke college student or just used to having to pay an arm and leg just to get in anywhere. The money saved from not having a cover goes to a better cause anyway...aka to the alcohol. I've tried a variety of things here, from just a plain beer, to the cocktails, to the fishbowl, and oddly enough, even the bottle service (so random). Probably my personal favorite would have to be getting rounds of sake here, not only because it's fairly affordable BUT because of the cool cups that come with it!! The sake cups they have literally have an indentation just for the sake, while the rest of the cup holds the beer so they don't mix until you pour it back. I really wish I had a visual to accompany it, but for now just take my word for it that it's awesome lol. The fishbowl, while only offered on Wednesday's...I believe, is a bit pricey at the $40+ range, but is always fun to drink and split amongst friends and comes complete with gummy sharks too! Lastly, the bottle service is surprisingly pretty good here as well. We decided to get some on a whim after seeing that the line was super long. I liked that there was no limit to how many people were in our party, as far as I was aware. We had ~20 people in our party so we got the big table near the entrance. Typical pricing for bottles here, when we went we got 3 bottles of Hennessy for $180 each. They were attentive and for the most part, constantly kept our carafes full with pineapple juice, orange juice, and coke.

    The dj's alternate often but the music playing is almost always something you can vibe to. I like that the atmosphere is versatile enough where you can dance if you want to but you could also just drink and talk as well. The way that I see it is that it's like the best of both Temple and 55 South. Overall, the solid drinks and dope music make this place a go-to in SJ whenever I'm lucky enough to be in town.

  • 415 Grand Ave
    South San Francisco, CA 94080
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    I'm always happy to see new breweries pop in near/around my hood and Armstrong Brewing is no exception. Ironically, the one time that I came here, I didn't get a drink..........so my review is purely on everything else haha.

    If you're not familiar with the area, Armstrong might initially be tricky to find as its entrance is below ground level. However, once you enter, you feel like you're in some completely different place. The place gives off some serious speakeasy vibes, what with the dimly lit atmosphere and the smooth jazz playing in the background. There's about 5 or 6 in-house beers on the menu, as well as 4-5 locally brewed 'guest' beers on rotation. At $2 for a sampler, $10 for a flight, or $6 for a glass, the prices aren't that bad. Currently they do offer food, however, it is very limited. $5 grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon (or $4 w/o bacon..I believe) was their only offering when I was there, BUT, it seems that you can bring your own food. Or at least order from the nearby Ami's Creperie or the Indian place next door and have it delivered to you at the brewery, which is awesome.

    It was fairly busy when I came here on a weekday after work, so if you want a chill place to kick back and enjoy some after-work beers, Armstrong Brewing is your place!

  • Blue & Gold Fleet
    San Francisco, CA 94133
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    Thank you again Abby and the rest of the Yelp SF team for letting me (lowly un-elite Yelper LOL) join in on the fun! Despite having lived in the Bay Area all my life, I've never once stepped foot on Angel Island and also, because I do live around here I hardly ever find myself doing the cool tourist-y things that everyone does when they visit. Thanks to the Elite event, I got to kill two birds with one stone!!

    Riding the Rocketboat was so fun! The entire 30 minute ride was one big adventure partially because of how fast it goes and partially because if you're like me, you're simultaneously trying to take pictures and somehow trying to not drop your phone. Pretty much every moment on the Rocketboat was a huge photo opportunity. I particularly liked how it went under the Bay Bridge and how they even made a quick pause at Alcatraz for a brief history lesson. After our tour, we were let off at Angel Island to wander for the rest of the day.

    Angel Island itself is a beautiful place. It's still crazy to me to think that we were just a quick boat ride away from SF. I felt like I was on the island in Lost. Or Lian Yu in Arrow, haha. It was a rare sunny day out, so there were a lot of people barbecuing and hiking the island. Unfortunately, since there were lots of people, we didn't get to partake in the complimentary bike rentals. BUT, we did take the opportunity to take a short hike before our 2pm complimentary tram tour (typically $15!). We got to hike up to the Immigration Center, which I believe is about $5-$8 to tour. However, we opted out so as to make it back in time for the tram tour. The tram tour was awesome as well. It was a relaxing 1hr tour around the entire island, which really gave us a great 360 degree view of the entire place. It was also accompanied by an audio recording of the history of the island, as well as the significance of the different places we passed by during our ride. Definitely not a bad way to spend my Sunday.

  • Hornblower Cruises & Events
    San Francisco, CA 94111
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    Each time that I'm lucky enough to get an invite to a Yelp event, I swear they just get better and better. I thought last year's 10-year Yelp Anniversary cruise was awesome but then Abby and the rest of the Yelp team surprised me and turned it up a notch with this year's Gay on the Bay. Bravo!

    I am always so impressed by these events. I can't imagine all the coordination and planning that needed to be done to put on an event of this size. This review is gonna sound an awful lot like last year's, but what can I say? Yelp really puts in work to make everything go smoothly. As usual, check in was quick and easy thanks to the multiple and well-thought out emails sent out prior to the event. Everything was covered in the email, including tips on transportation, what to wear, what to expect, what time to be there, etc. etc. This is actually my second time at a Yelp Hornblower event, but I was super excited to see that a lot of my friends were actually able to get invites as well. In my book, that in itself already gave this event a 5-star rating because we all know that friends + food + drinks = a guaranteed good time ..and a good time it was! The amount of Snapchats I have at any given time is directly correlated with how much fun I'm having and let me tell ya...there were a LOT of Snapchats from yesterday.

    We arrived shortly before the boarding time and waited some ~15 minutes or so before proceeding to pick up our free reusable totes and checking in. After a quick scan of my boarding pass on my phone, we made our way to the boat where we were quickly greeted by food and alcohol galore. My personal favorites of the night were the macaroni and cheese on the 2nd floor, the grilled cheese sandwiches with its awesome hype men, the multiple booths that actually had hard cider, and the photo booth! My friends got a kick from the mustaches that Angry Orchard provided and also could not stop drinking the Mustache Rides, which in their words was 'a lot of bourbon with a little bit of ginger' aka a recipe for disaster...or fun, depending on how you look at it. Nonetheless, it was fun getting to check out all the little things each booth had to offer, although a small part of me is still sad there weren't more items with meat in it...but I digress. Not too sure what all the entertainment was, but I did get to see bits and pieces of the Brazilian drummers, tried and failed to hula hoop with the hula hoopers, and drunkenly danced to the dj on the first floor. Somehow the combination of everything made the 3 hours seem like forever and we had a blaaaast. It's Monday now but I'm still so ecstatic about yesterday and that I got to celebrate love with some of the people I love most.

    Lastly, for a day that started off rainy and overcast, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the sky had cleared up by the time we left the dock. Karl the Fog decided to skip out on the festivities, which meant a perfectly beautiful view of the bridges, the bay, Alcatraz and my favorite, the sunset. I really don't think I'll ever get tired of that view, ever. Thanks again Yelp for another great event! Here's to hoping that I'll get to attend another event soon!

  • 6055 Mission St
    Daly City, CA 94014
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    Been wanting to come here for a long time now (especially to try the chicken sisigsilog!!), but for whatever reason I always found myself eating elsewhere after 2am instead. The stars finally aligned and I got to come here on Saturday after going out at the Mezzanine.

    BE AWARE parking is terrrrrrrrrrible. It is surrounded by residential areas so almost all the parking will be occupied by people living in the neighborhood. We found parking after maybe 5-10 minutes of looking, but I've heard horror stories of people not finding parking for days. Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration but I can definitely see how the lack of parking might deter me from coming here. Also be warned that it is open til 3am on the weekends, so it does tend to fill up with lots of mid20s stumbling in after their clubbing adventures. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    It was my first time coming here but I already knew what I wanted -- the chicken sisigsilog. I've personally never had chicken sisig, but already being familiar with pork sisig, I was pretty excited to try something new. I usually frequent other places for my post-club feasts, which for the sake of this post I'll call it Unlucky Opportunities, and was used to paying a cool $10+ for a silog. Imagine my surprise when I eyed the menu and saw that none of the silogs cost over $10, I was over the moon! Definitely a plus for my frugal self (LOL). Anyway, back to the food. The sisig was delicious, the egg was perfectly yolk-y, and the rice had just the right amount of garlic. I think the only thing I was sad about was that I had more meat than rice...thus throwing my meat-rice ratio off balance. Then again, am I really gonna complain about having an excess of delicious sisig? Um, no that would be silly. Also, all the condiments you could need are already on the table (vinegar included!) so you don't need a hit 'em with the "Excuse me mam/sir, can I have some.." unless you wanted more water, which we did. They were kind enough to just leave a whole pitcher for us, which I thought was very convenient so they would't have to keep coming back to refill our tiny cups.

    The bill can only be split 2 ways, so either bring cash or make use of Venmo for big groups. Our tab for 4 came out to less than $40, super affordable. On top of that, they also gave us a coupon for 30% off our next visit, which, if you think about it, would make their cheapest silog only come out to ~$5! Not too bad if you ask me.

  • 444 Jessie St
    San Francisco, CA 94103
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    I was lucky enough to be one of the couple hundred people here for the sold out Lido and Brasstracks show here on Saturday. It's definitely been awhile since I've been to a show in a smaller venue, so it definitely was a nice change of scenery.

    Parking is pretty much what you would expect, as it is in DTSF. From reading other Yelp reviews, I knew there were affordable parking lots nearby but we got lucky and found free street parking maybe a block or two away from the venue. The line moved quickly when we arrived at ~10pm, which is nice since it's SF and it does get chilly outside. We quickly made a beeline to the bathroom, which actually was fairly clean and well stocked for a concert venue restroom. It was a relief knowing that both times I went the restroom it was still clean and not a hot mess like some other places I've been to. I believe the drinks were standard pricing, my friends got a Corona ($6) and a Redbull Vodka ($12). Thought it was awesome that even if the venue wasn't that large there were 3 bars available: one near the entrance, one near the stage, and also one upstairs. Sound + lighting were great as well, although I did have some trouble hearing out of my right ear well into the next day still. Might be my fault for being so close to the front though :X

    Efficient line management, clean restrooms, awesome light + sound, and a front row spot for Lido and Brasstracks makes this place A-OK in my book!

  • 1 Amphitheatre Pkwy
    Mountain View, CA 94043
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    Oh Shoreline, I've had so many memories here. I grew up going to shows here ranging from Rock the Bells (RIP), BFD(s), and most recently for J. Cole and also How the West Was Won. I've been here enough times to know that parking here is literally THE WORST. No matter how hard I try to beat traffic, I'll inevitably get stuck on the Shoreline exit and sit in traffic alongside everyone else while missing the first 2-3 acts of any given concert. Oh, and then you have to re-do it all over again as you exit. IT SUCKS.

    BUT, on the flip side, the tickets to events here are usually fairly inexpensive. Shout out to Groupon and those Livenation 4-packs for the discounted tickets! While the lawn doesn't have the greatest sound, it does make for a good time since you can sit with all your friends wherever you want. Fair warning that there also is pretty terrible reception though, so good luck on finding your homies haha. Much like any other concert venue, food and alcohol are extremely overpriced BUT you are allowed to bring your own food in! I usually survive by bringing in a bunch of snacks in my purse hehe. I don't know about bringing other beverages in, but I do know you are allowed to bring in a water bottle as long as it's a new one. In the past I've had to open the bottle in front of them and dispose of the cap right after, so I usually pack a spare cap in my purse so I can re-cap it after.

    Other than the packing snacks and extra water bottle caps, I think the best advice I can give you is to find parking outside the Ampitheatre and just walk in. I probably walked ~ 1 mi. and I was able to get in and out with no problem whatsoever. Definitely beats missing the opening acts and then getting stuck in the traffic after. Oh, and it's free...so, there's that, too. All in all, despite the ridiculousness that is the Shoreline parking lot and the lawn, I'd still come back here. We all know I can't resist a cheap concert ticket, heh.

  • 105 Park Blvd
    Millbrae, CA 94030
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    Been here a couple times now and I have to say, their plain milk tea is pretty good. Although it is on the pricier side when you compare it to other places like Quickly and Tpumps, they do have a Yelp Check-In offer for a free upgrade w/ topping purchase and after a certain time, (maybe after 5 or 6pm) they also offer a daily special pricing. When I went, I believe it was 25% off, so that was also another cherry on top. My only issues with this place is that 1) there's no bathroom and 2) the last time I went they ran out of milk tea!! Granted, I did come maybe an hour or so before closing but to run out of milk tea..at a boba place?? Makes no sense to me. I was a little disappointed that I had to settle with getting a mango green tea, but in their defense, it was also pretty good.

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