• 2847 St. Rose Pkwy
    Henderson, NV 89052
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    I'm only writing this review now that I've moved out of Nevada and am not going to be selfish with my daughter's care.

    We interviewed multiple pediatricians before my daughter was born and from the moment we interacted with Siena Peds, we LOVED them.

    We were lucky enough to get Dr. Carrie as my daughter's pediatrician. From the time in the hospital, through every vaccination and well-care check and through any of her minor illnesses, we have had such a wonderful experience with this practice. Any time we had a mid-night emergency (as first time parents, there were many of these initially), we always had a listening ear and great advice.

    Dr. Carrie cares enough to update herself and her practice on latest medical developments in pediatrics and her bedside manner is impeccable. She never rushed through any of our appointments. Although, our wait times would sometime linger, we always got her full attention. Dr. Lillie is also a very personable and capable pediatrician. In addition, the nurses at this practice (shout out to Vanessa) are the bomb! The front desk was also very responsive and courteous.

    I can only hope that my daughter's care here is as good as the wonderful care she received at Siena. I cannot recommend this practice enough if you are lucky enough to get in. The doctors where I am at now have impeccable pedigree (John Hopkins, Harvard etc)...somehow, I still think back to the capable and wonderful care of Dr. Carrie's office. Truly a gem in Las Vegas.

  • 121 Carnegie St
    Henderson, NV 89052
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    I was a member for Life Time in Green Valley for about seven months until we moved from Nevada to Connecticut. It's taken me a while to write this review as I have some serious mixed feelings about this place. I was a member of ClubSport in Green Valley...a beautiful place where everyone knew each other and everything was comfortable. They were horrible at making money with old equipment and minimal advertising and so when Life Time came into town, they were run out of business. I was forced to find another gym. I decided to visit Life Time and ended up signing up for a family membership.

    Cost - Very very expensive. In addition to signup fees etc, the monthly fee paid for ONE member (when we signed up) was $150. Additional family member was $90. Third family member was $60. If we had a fourth it would be $40 for that one and then free after that. So if you have like eight kids, this is a great deal. Also, they charge extra for everything. You have a guest....slap you with a charge even though your membership comes with guest visits. They institute these ridiculous timing restrictions and just annoy the crap out of you. A members event like Halloween or Daddy Daughter Dance? Slap on a hefty charge...after a while it just pisses you off. I canceled my membership when I moved and happened to come back to Las Vegas to tie up some loose ends. I didn't go to the gym the last month I paid for my membership since I was in process of moving. I have many friends that are members. When I called to ask if I could come in on one of their guest memberships...I was told a flat out no as I had "visited" the gym in the prior 6 months. I told them my story and that I was a member who paid for 3 people and had literally not been to the gym for the last month and paid for that month. Nope...they would not budge and said I would need to pay the guest charge which is like $50 a day or something. On point of principle...hell no. I understand making money...but seriously...

    Amenities - Machines are all very updated, serviced on time and clean. Lots of cardio as well as weight machines. Classes are plentiful but I never really attended classes. I attended one spin class in my tenure there and it was nothing to write home about. The locker room is nice, the showers are not the cleanest but again, I used them sporadically. I primarily did cardio and light weights early in the morning. The pool (indoor) is amazing. It is heated and has a separate kiddie area so you can choose not to deal with the kids. The outdoor pool is nice but it was like a pool at a hotel. Seems very weird for a health club. I avoided it like the plague. The 24/7 access is also very useful.

    Staff - Generally, the staff were alright but seriously fake as can be expected in a place like this. There were a few personal trainers who were friendly. Front desk was for the most part pretty awful. Now...see the childcare section below for my separate take on that. The sales guy who signed me up as well as the sales guy that I went to cancel my membership were extremely annoying. More so than other gym sales dudes.

    Childcare facility - Now, if there is something I actually loved about this place and didn't feel horrible spending that much money for, it is the childcare facility. They had top-notch people working there who were friendly, great with kids and responsible. The facility was super clean. The employees were so responsive and security is impeccable. Now, if I were someone with many kids and no paying job, this is a great deal. (Never-mind, that I would probably go insane being that person.) Drop my kids off at great care, and chill for an hour or two. But since we used this facility maybe twice a week (weekends primarily) and with only one child, I feel that in my case, it did not justify the cost.

    I have to say that since I left Life Time, I've felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders - most likely the financial ridiculousness of the membership. Just logically, I feel like I should not be paying that much for cardio and light weights.  Also, not having to see the silicone-filled middle-aged lady in highly unflattering workout wear that talks loudly on her phone while on the elliptical next to me is refreshing (most of the clientele btw). I've joined a nice gym that is more reasonable, has the machines I use, is clean, has a decent clientele, is not insane about charging me for every step I take and close to the house. If a Life Time moved to my area in CT right now, I don't think I would join. Not to say I didn't enjoy it....I just wouldn't do it again.

    PS. do not pay for the "experience life" magazine they make you get with your membership and then have to call and cancel. it is probably one of the worse reading materials I have come across. They still send me emails to sign back up for that BS. I mean, it was really really bad.

  • 60 State Street
    Wethersfield, CT 06109
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    This is my second visit to the DMV. First visit was futile due to incompetent staff that provided incorrect information.

    I have lived in four cities and 3 states before moving to Connecticut. For the smallest state I have ever lived in (and the most expensive in terms of taxes), this is the worst run DMV situation I have had the displeasure to deal with.

    The website is extremely user unfriendly. Lines are out the door. Now, I am talking about the line to get to information where you get your queue number to then wait again for your number to be called. The bozos running the information desk are clowns who have no idea what is going on. The lines are absolutely ridiculous for a state with such a low population.

    How is their guy running this s$$&show still with a job? Baffles me...people get out and vote against this ludicrous situation.

    Look at the Nevada DMV for model of an extremely efficient DMV.

    Really unbelievable. Epic fail in the 21st century. Heads NEED to roll.

    UPDATE: obtaining a new CT license by transferring a valid NV license with all my paperwork in perfect order and easy credit card transactions took three hours. As I mentioned above, can I say EPIC FAIL again?

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    Chris Martelle worked on our door. It was amazing service, professional, he knew what to do, pricing was quite competitive and the final result is just awesome!

    Please call them for your garage door needs.

  • 7 Moody Rd
    Enfield, CT 06082
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    Our garage door opener was working sporadically. We called these guys and the technician came out promptly. He was polite enough. He was unable to diagnose the problem and as the disconnect was on, he said that was probably what was happening. I mentioned that I was pretty sure something else was going on and that the disconnect was only recently touched. He finally said that the unit was fine. Service happened on Friday. I received a collection call for their invoice ($143 for a service call btw) Monday morning. Very prompt.

    Of course, the next day, the door stops working. So we called another reputable garage door repair company (Sears) came also promptly, immediately diagnosed the problem (poor circuit board) and offered a fix that was a superior model (same brand) to the one that Atlas offered for $100 less. We called Atlas to let them know and they were unable to even come close to the service and pricing. They also reminded me to pay for my service call although the service call was unable to diagnose the problem or do anything that really "serviced" my garage door.

    Call Sears the first time and their estimates and first service calls are free. So you don't have to deal with this drama.

    Never again.

  • 140 S Green Valley Pkwy
    Henderson, NV 89012
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    I've been to Lyfe at least five times. None of those visits has resulted in a satisfactory meal. It's a beautiful space, conveniently located and the service is great. They have a killer water machine from which you can get ambient water, cold water and sparkling water. I give them 2 stars for the above.

    I can't give them any stars for the food. Nothing I have tasted there has been remotely good. Even the sweet potato fries. I bake better ones at home in my toaster oven. The vegetable sides are offensive, the pastas are a joke and the appetizers are very underwhelming. Basically, you don't come here for a great, tasty meal. You come here to eat under 500 calories which you can probably do in lots of other places with a more palatable outcome.

    Also, it's horribly expensive. So I would avoid. No sixth visit for me. Fool me five times...

  • 500 E Windmill Ln
    Las Vegas, NV 89123
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    I get my pedicures at Nevada Nails which is located right next to Detox. I've toyed with the idea of going into Detox for a haircut but you see, hair salons scare me. My last cut that I had at DiMaria salon (with Mr. DiMaria himself) was a freaking nightmare. Not only did I look like a joker after the cut, that dude made me stand the whole time he cut. I have shoulder length hair and he wasn't that much taller than me so I have no idea why he did that to give me an uncomfortable experience. Also my cut was at least $10 more than what they quoted me on the phone.

    It took me more than 8 months to muster courage to enter another salon. As my pedicure was approaching its finish, I hesitantly called Detox and asked about an immediate appointment...and yes...the lady on the phone (Stacey the owner I would come to realize) was extremely pleasant and was able to slot me in immediately. I stroll in and the place is just beautiful. It's done up with a simple elegance...modern, yet personal. It was bright and clean (not something hair salons are known for). My hairdresser, Chris was just amazing. He knew exactly what I wanted. Most times, I get my hair pulled and manhandled as for some reason I have hair that tangles like a banshee after each wash. Chris put on some product and worked his magic on my hair....I felt nothing. The cut itself was excellent...exactly what I wanted and I was extremely satisfied with the results! Chris was also so personable...I think I've found a keeper in hairdressing.

    The cost of the cut was nothing crazy (nor was it cheap)...around $60 I want to say with a treatment. They didn't try selling me BS which I appreciated....I ended up buying a Kusco Murphy Lavender Hair Creme as it smelt divine when Chris put it on my hair. That was $35. I thought I would find it at $5 on amazon and be pissed off but it was even more expensive on amazon. So I like these guys. Fair pricing, great facility, amazing talent and I'm thankful to have them down the street!

  • 500 E Windmill Ln
    Las Vegas, NV 89123
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    As far as nail salons go, these guys are my favorite. Nice people, clean, they do a great job and conveniently located. I've brought friends and family here and everyone has left a happy customer.

    They do get busy some days (holiday weekends etc) so call ahead to make an appointment.

  • 3595 Las Vegas Blvd South
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
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    I've seen the Food Network shows, I've thought incessantly about how she could eat pasta and olive oil all day long and stay thin, and I've read about her too many times on celebrity blogs/sites.

    I'm never excited to dine at celebrity chef establishments. Guy Fieri, Gordon Ramsay etc...are douches. Michael Mina (see me review of his namesake restaurant at the Bellagio) was a total waste of time. The track records of celebrity chefs are not exactly stellar.

    Finally, after months of not looking at Giada's, I decide to go for a date night with the hubs largely because I absolutely love how the place looks when you drive towards the Cromwell with the green vegetation. Since then, I requested to come back with friends for my birthday dinner here as I loved it so much. Giada has proven the TV cook curse can be broken.

    Firstly, the place was outstanding due to a wonderful waiter (that we got both times we were there)! Diego...a wonderful man from Italy who was attentive, polite, hilarious and just literally the best waiter I have ever ever had in my entire life.

    Then, the food...Giada likes to squeeze citrus on her dishes. Normally, that would have generated a barf response from me. But you know what..it was done right. Just a smidgen of citrus was beautiful. I never thought I would say that.

    I've ordered the following:

    1) Artichoke Arancini - I could eat like 18 of these. So freaking good. Fried rice, artichoke balls. Oh loveliness
    2) Bucatini with a tomato - citrus sauce - so simple and delicious. You just don't feel like you ate a bowl of spaghetti...feels so much more sophisticated and just...different. I thought that the noodles here was even better than the famous Scarpetta spaghetti
    3) The vegan main was chard wrapped brown rice and tofu with a curry seasoning (?). Made no sense and sounded so awful on the menu especially at an Italian place. My husband made the order and I was seething with anger at having to pay good money to eat something that sounded awful. Why they would describe the dish that way on the menu is beyond me? Because it is one of the MOST DELICIOUS things I've ever eaten! So savory, so smooth and just wonderful.

    I never did try the desserts but the dessert cart was pretty impressive. When we had our friends with us the second time, our friends ordered the lamb, octopus and a bunch of other carnivorous fare and enjoyed it with glee. So I'd say the full menu is pretty darn good.

    But the special icing of Giada - our wonderful Diego.

    This is one of the places I think it's worth spending money on a meal for. Giada, you have me as a fan.

    Commentaire de Michael S. de Giada
    03/06/2015 Hello Sangeetha, Thank you for the detailed review.  We will be sure to recognize Diego for his… En savoir plus
  • 7285 Arroyo Crossing Pkwy
    Las Vegas, NV 89113
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    Tacky crap, poor service and general bleh ness. Take your business online. Waste of time.

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