• 8289 Jericho Turnpike
    Woodbury, NY 11797
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    Never again.

    I've been here a few times at lunch with awesome service and good food. Went to dinner here on November 20, 2015 party of 5 in Justin's section and seated around 7:30pm... Spent $271, which isn't bad for 5 people, but Justin is one shady guy and here's why:

    Apparently, Justin informed us of the surf and turf SPECIAL of a 10oz filet and grilled shrimp with choice of potato and veggie. I immediately jumped on that. The steak was good, but the shrimp were cold... Justin not around to send it back for a reheat on the shrimp. Now you would think that this being a special, there would be one charge. No, the filet and shrimp were billed a la carte for almost $60 in total.

    One other person jumped on this special as well asking the shrimp be subbed out for a small portion of the lobster Mac and cheese. To which Justin replied no problem and got a hi-five from that member of the party. When it was served, it was a whole serving. He was also charged a la carte for the meal costing him closer to $70 for the plate.

    As for the lobster Mac and cheese, there were two orders of it with not a great deal of lobster in it. Fairway's prepared lobster Mac and cheese has more lobster in it.

    Now when the check arrived, we were surprised that everything was a la carte. One of the people in the party asked about this to which she was told, "that's how it works here" by Justin. She asked Justin for the manager but he had already turned a deaf ear and was looking at another table.

    Upon leaving, only the hostess was at the entry and with it being late, everyone elected to leave rather than ask for the manager yet again. After being here a bunch of times for lunch, I will never return again.

  • 73-32 Bell Blvd
    Oakland Gardens, NY 11364
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    Hot Ginger is a hole in the wall that knocked me on my ass with the service and taste. Been there twice and it got better the second time around! From the attentive and friendly wait staff, to the awesome food and great ambience, this place hits on all levels.

    The first time I went was about a week ago, when I was under the weather and wanted some hot soup and something spicy to clear out the congestion. The Tom Yum Soup is awesome. It's got the right amount of spice heat so that you can taste the lemon lime and get the burn on the back end. The honey glazed back ribs fell off the bone and were quite juicy, tender and tasty (the waitress also offered that it was her favorite appetizer). The spicy mango chicken was good, it was more red than spicy but tasty nonetheless.

    The second time I went there yesterday with a large group. Once again, Tom Yum Soup, but this time Mongolian Chicken. The chicken was tender, juicy and the sauce was awesome. It served with asparagus and bok choy cooked to perfection. It is one of the better chicken dishes I've had in a asian restaurant.

    Now... On to dessert. I would come here just for dessert. They are works of art. I've had their pistachio tartufo and the exotic bomba. Everyone should know what a tartufo is, the pistachio one just has pistachio ice cream inside the chocolate shell. It's sliced in half and set on a plate to impress. The exotic bomba is where it's at. Image a white chocolate covered tartufo with mango, passion fruit and raspberry sorbet inside instead of the ice cream. It's something that I will order every time I eat there from now on and I can even see myself going only for dessert there!

  • 5 North Avenue
    Garden City, NY 11530
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    Had the free room coupon from getting married at Westbury Manor and decided to use it instead of going home with the bride after the reception. I was allowed to park in the lot, prior to the wedding ceremony, without checking in, which is awesome as we would need a way to get home after the stay.

    Check-in was a breeze and we were even congratulated on the wedding when we arrived even though the bride was out of her dress already (no you pervs... she changed into sweats in the bridal suite and wasn't walking around naked) and my tuxedo jacket and shirt were thrown into my bag.

    The room was clean and the AC was on full blast so the room was a nice cool 65ish when we got in. There was an L shaped couch that we always seemed to find the beam were the two pieces met when we would sit/lay down on it. The closet it tiny and the doors are biggish for the size of the closet, so trying to hang the tuxedo in the Men's Warehouse return bag was impossible to do there and there was no hook on the bathroom door, or anywhere, to hang a garment bag.

    It's in walking distance of the Gallery Shopping Center where there are a couple of places with quick bites and a diner at the north end of East Gate on Old Country Road in case you miss the free breakfast.

  • 1100 Jericho Tpke
    Westbury, NY 11590
    5.0 étoiles

    Just had my wedding here and I'm soooooooo glad that I did. The grounds are amazing and gorgeous! Our wedding photos are works of art (even with my bias for being the subject). The food is outstanding. There was not one bad dish served. Everyone of my guests was had their meals cooked the way they wanted. I have celiac and they prepped my dinner separately and I had zero reaction. Our Maitre D, Phillip, and our bridal attendant, Evelyn, went our of their way to fulfill our wants.

    The wildlife on the premises were so lovely to look at as well. The peacocks were in full glory as well as other birds that made their plumage on display. It made for a topic of conversation that people from either side, sitting at the same table during the cocktail hour, could bridge a more in depth interaction from.

    The actual area where the ceremony took place was gorgeous. Everyone remarked how beautiful the greenery around the arch of the gazebo made for an even more lovely ceremony.

    The only downfall of the place is that it doesn't have an elevator and my father-in-law has horrible knees/flat feet and it took him a loooong time to negotiate the stairs... But that is not enough to deduct a star.

  • 6100 West Atlantic Avenue
    Delray Beach, FL 33484
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    Needed a place to store my father's belonging as we are selling his place and found them on yelp. Steve and Jen are great there, super friendly and courteous. They made sure all my needs were met. I was shown the facility and the only issue was that the handle to a side door was broken and I was assured that the repairman was inbound. The price point was great for a climate controlled unit and they have everything you need right there in the office. They will even help you load your moving supplies into your car.

  • 455 NE 5th Ave
    Delray Beach, FL 33483
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    This company rocks! I was cleaning out my dad's condo in Florida and noticed the washer wasn't spinning out. I called up and spoke with Christina who took a detailed report of what was going on and said that the technician, Luke (who is the owner), would show up between 3:30pm and 4pm. Luke was there by 3:45pm.

    Luke is a friendly knowledgeable man and gave me a fair quote for what was going on with the washer. He had the parts needed in hand and said that safety switches tend to wear out on the older washers but it pays to repair them as the older washers will last a lot longer than newer ones due to plastic components in the new ones versus metal. I told him to go ahead with the repair.

    Luke didn't mind me watching him perform the repair and he even showed me little tricks to get extra life out of the machine while it was being repaired. When he finished, he stated that the repair was a lot easier than he thought and knocked off a few bucks on the bill (awesome!).

    I gave his marketing materials to my family down there as well as my dad's friends. I highly recommend this company and Luke. Smart Choice Appliance has a very bright future in South Florida!

  • 226 Jericho Tpke
    Floral Park, NY 11001
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    A place full of potential and with a couple of quick fixes can be a five star place.

    First off, there are filth flies throughout the restaurant. While this is unavoidable when you have a back patio door that opens throughout the service, you really need something (I.e. Citronella or mint scent) to keep the flies away.

    Second, the wait staff needs to step up it game with regard to appearance. They wear ties with no tie tacks. When they lean over the table, their ties wind up brushing against everything on the table. There's a reason why physicians don't wear ties in hospitals anymore. Also, women (and men not to be sexist) with long ponytails... Put it in a bun so your hair doesn't whip around the food and possibly fall into it.

    Third, again with the wait staff... Don't bicker in house. Yes, I did hear you as your bickered by the kitchen door. Smile, be pleasant and courteous to each other. You can stab yourselves in the back when there aren't paying customers around.

    Fourth, again with the wait staff. There's a reason why a glass has a stem and a base. Please keep your dirty hands off the top of the glass from which I am drinking. Grab it by the stem to pick it up or press against he base to slide it across the table when my meal arrives; better yet, ask the patron to move it politely.

    As for the food, the skirt steak and the baked salmon were pretty good. The mashed potatoes were bland and tasted like boxed potatoes. The steamed veggies were decent as well but there was a superfluous amount of water from the veggies.

  • 111 W. 44th St.
    New York, NY 10036
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    Worth every penny! NPH puts on an awesome performance and Lena Hall is amazing. It's a rock biopic, almost a one man show.

    If you sit in the front row, you might get kissed, spit on or catch a prop or two. Don't forget to see the Hurt Locker: the Musical while you are there!

    Bow before Hedwig and whatever you do... don't piss that bitch off!

  • 219 W 48th St
    New York, NY 10036
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    This is a can't miss musical. Not to ruin it, but one actor, Jefferson Mays, makes the show. He plays an entire family and takes each character to the next level via strategic over-acting.

    I laughed almost as hard as I did for Book of Mormom and just as often. It's completely worth the price of the ticket!

  • 21414 73rd Ave
    Oakland Gardens, NY 11364
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    5 check-ins

    Small and way over priced. The store is clean and most if not all of their items are current (not expired) with a good selection for the size of the store that it is. They have a small selection of gluten free goods that has been growing. The deli is, on average, 25% more than the smaller market across the street.

    It's really good for those last minute items and for some of the prepared foods. The rotisserie chicken is good and so is their sushi (but with two places that specialize in sushi on the same block, I would close that display).

    However, with a Waldbaum's, 2 Stop and Shops, Fairway and a Pathmark all within a 7-10 minute driving radius... The higher prices drive me elsewhere for my larger weekly grocery order.

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