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    I ordered a Brooklyn pizza and when I opened the box I discovered the round pizza was cut in squares and not the typical triangle cut. So I called to complain about it and was told that is how they cut it. EVERY Brooklyn pizza that I have got from dominos in the past has ALWAYS been cut in triangles. The customer service that I received when I called was horrible!! How are you going to eat a square thin Brooklyn crust? I have always folded my triangle cut pizza to eat it!! Whoever the guy that I spoke on the phone to needs to be terminated for thinking he was in the right and not me the customer. He never once offered to make things right just told me I would have to request to have a ROUND pizza cut into triangles. So does that mean that a rectangle pizza gets cut into triangles and not into squares?

    So when I went to sign my credit card receipt I notice it is not my name or card! What kind of idiots have been hired at this dominos location? I will never order another pizza from this dominos location and I don't know if I will ever deal with dominos again!!! If this happened at Pizza Hut they would have made things right and replaced my pizza!

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    Great insurance agent! Kathy is very friendly and helpful and takes care of the customer. Thank you for taking care of me for so many years. I would not trade insurance companies.

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