• 11700 SE 7th St
    Vancouver, WA 98683
    5.0 étoiles

    Okay, I don't understand why anyone would rate Vinotopia as only three stars.   I guess some people must have had a mediocre experience, but that has never been true for us.  For this location at SE 7th St, my experience has always been fantastic. The customer service has always been very pleasant and attentive, and the food has always been prepared to near perfection.  We love the restaurant most in Winter when the huge fireplace is going.  It is a stunning dining room that is both glamorous and warm in tone.  It is a real treat for wine fans, for those of us who travel around and do wine tastings in Washington and Oregon, because here, in the tasting room, are many variations on a theme, different types of reds, whites, and even a few great sweets to sip. The wine card is mucho fun!  And we always meet delightful people and other wine tasters here in the tasting room.  It is our favorite venue for great new movies. We get to order a pitcher of beer and kick back and stretch out in the most comfy chairs just like at home!  Oh sure, it is pricey, but it is worth it.  The other location at the Vancouver mall?  That's another story.  But Vinotopia on 7th street?  LOVE IT!

  • 9701 SE McLoughlin Blvd
    Portland, OR 97222
    5.0 étoiles

    I was down at the DMV. I took a number and stood waiting.  Oh, wait a minute. It was really Joann's, only the selection was so skimpy I only thought it was the DMV. When you walk into the Mill End fabric store, you know immediately you are not at the DMV.
    You don't have to take a number to have your fabric cut, and the selection is nothing short of stunning and bountiful, along with many items that professional apparel designers need.

    I was on a fabric arts mission this morning, and everybody was helpful, but Barbara Ann was the most helpful of all and she was also the most informed and immediately willing to help me search for the perfect fabric. This store is the real deal and is a serious sewer's destination location.  It is better than Fabric Depot.  This is because each specialty section feels like a little world unto itself, which is the sign that is a feature of all seriously great fabric stores.  I always find fabrics here that I simply cannot find anywhere else in Portland.

  • 228 NE 7th Ave
    Portland, OR 97232
    5.0 étoiles

    Great auction house full of fabulous items, and you'll probably find something that you can't live without!  The curators are super knowledgeable, scholarly and friendly, which is a rare combination.  The span of styles and eras they specialize in, throughout their auctions, is expansive and eclectic. Best auction house in the region, hands down.  
       And if you ever have collectibles, antiques that you need to sell, you will NOT be disappointed in what happens with this team. Two seasons ago, I had to sell my brother-in-law's collection of strange memorabilia and out of fashion Victorian antiques.  I chose O'Gallerie because I had worked with them years before.  And even though they did not sell all of his collection in the first possible auction, they exercised knowledge and patience, and they ran everything through, eventually, according to plans which proved superior for maximum profits.  A month ago, I received what I thought was my last check, their payment to me after taking their percentage.  But today, I received yet another payment from them for some old books and a chair they recently sold!  Believe me, I could have NEVER sold all of that weird stuff the way they did, with their timing. It was SO worth it, letting the O'Gallerie team handle all that stuff.  If you are thinking about hiring this seasoned team & selling through them, do it!

  • 26005 State Hwy 115
    Meers, OK 73507
    5.0 étoiles

    If you are coming to Oklahoma, or maybe flying to the west or east coast, you should probably fly into OK City or Lawton and rent a car and drive out to Meers for this singular dining experience.  If fact, for the total American Experience, if you are already living in the States, or if you are just visiting the continent, will not be complete without eating here. Yep, the floors are board and uneven and creaky.  The antique seismograph goes pretty slow but as far as I know has always been accurate.  The burgers are great, and the whole menu is on the hokey folksy side. There may be a line to wait in.  Legendary, historic place, the Meers Store.  Don't expect perfect or big city speed.  Ain't no haute cuisine. You might definitely have to get over yourself on several levels, if you are expecting lightning speed.  If you can't enjoy regional charm, the sometimes backward and humble? Stick to your P.F. Chang-a-lang crap and all that pre-fab glitz at the Cheesecake Factory.  This place is the opposite from all that billion dollar flash.  Hang around a few days, drive over to Medicine Park.  A herd of buffalo may decide walk out on the two lane & stand still for 15 minutes. Think of that while you are waiting on your BBQ at the Meers store, where the cooks offer up some fine details that take a little time.

  • 11600 Se Mill Plain Blvd
    Vancouver, WA 98684
    1.0 étoiles

    You are not going to believe how fabulous the bartenders and wait staff are here!  Super thoughtful and attentive. So amazing amazing amazing. The last thing they want to do is go running off and talk to their favorite regulars at the end of the bar and ignore you for ten minutes.  And the last thing they will ever do after you order a hot entree or side order is let it sit and sit and sit while they are talking to their regular faves, while your food cools down-- and then pick it up and drag over to answer the phone while they are holding your food and talk talk talk for a while on the phone while your order is getting cold in their hands.  Oh no, never!  You are not going to believe it.  How can you believe it?  The place is an established watering hole, right? Well, you better BELIEVE IT. Because what we have experienced time and again is an absolute  "I don't give a damn"attitude of the bartender and wait staff of Irish Town. They can't wait to get rid of you so they can chat up their friends and relatives.  Very much the clique bar of insiders. Everyone, all of us poor suckers they don't know personally, well, we can just take a flying leap off the world.  They don't care if you order a second beer or drink. They should rename the place: The  "We Don't Care About You Bar and Grill."

  • 505 Albert Pike Rd
    Hot Springs, AR 71913
    5.0 étoiles

    I don't fly 2500 miles back home without getting my McClard's fix.  This is the joint where I sat in the kiddie seat and first devoured fantastic ribs.  I can't fit in the kiddie seat anymore, but the ribs and the sliced pork and beef are still stellar works of culinary genius. But don't expect anybody running the joint to act like they have the secret to the universe!  Uh-uh.  They are the same old same old family that owned it way back when and they are not haughty but hard-working, happy to visit a minute.  Oh, did I mention that this is a fave hang-out for a former President and lots of other more important people, like local preachers who don't drink beer but wouldn't dare miss out on a McClard's plate dinner, ever? I wish the seats were old-style, puffy upholstered booths, and I wish they would really go full-blown retro here with some cool old Budweiser lamps and a real juke box.  They have plenty of money to do it with. But don't expect them to flash their profits, either!  There is a ghost in the corner in a pair of over-alls from 1932 who sells vegetables from his truck bed downtown, and he comes in every week for the ribs.  He is mighty happy to be here, too.  I am waving at him right now.  Some pitiful prisoner to be executed tomorrow morning is dreaming of his last meal, wishing it could be McClard's barbecue, and if he is really lucky, they'll be serving McClard's BBQ in Heaven, if it turns out that all dogs actually go there.

  • 8700 NE Vancouver Mall Dr
    Vancouver, WA 98662
    1.0 étoiles

    Something is wrong here  General management?  What a hip and cool decor, yet how sad that it is being wasted on punk service, punk food.  It has to be the fault of management.  Ownership? Is Rudyard really this stupid?  How could he let something like this happen? The entrees are expensive but all meats are frozen, thawed and VERY SLOWLY prepared by a lazy kitchen chef or cook team.  LAZY.  Lacking skillsets.  It has always been the case here, from the beginning until present.  Somebody is in charge who should not be. Did somebody have to give someone a job in the family, have to hire their friend or brother in law, hiring for some lame, nepotistic reason?  Why is it this bad?  The wait staff/bartenders are running around crazy trying to take care of the bar and the table service with not enough help, while the cooks in the kitchen are diddling around wasting time or grooming their fingernails. It's pitiful. The place is not flying high and well-managed like Cinetopia, which is wonderful.  This place is in the dumper, man.  Why don't you make some radical changes and save it from this mess? I pay nearly twenty dollars for chicken, I want it fresh, damn it, not frozen.  Same for fish and chips! Fresh product, idiots.  Not frozen.  Get a clue.

  • 1105 Commercial St
    Astoria, OR 97103
    1.0 étoiles

    Bad management with extremely poor staffing skills.  Fails to grasp the basics on the managerial insight level. for instance, does not have the foresight to bring in extra wait and cook staff on a busy, sunny brilliant summer afternoon.  Not the bartender's fault; he was clearly overwhelmed as the ONLY one handling all drinks for main dining room AND the bar, which was filled. The problem is clearly managerial lack of responsibility.  You guys need to get it straightened out, you guys at the top.  We walked out after a drink at the bar, staring at a stack of dirty dinner plates that somebody had carelessly slung there.  We were going to eat there, but not after seeing that for  half an hour.

  • 1114 Marine Dr
    Astoria, OR 97103
    2.0 étoiles

    Back in 93 or 94 we ate breakfast here. We were totally wowed. The original house jellies and bread was excellent. Still is. But nowdays, the place smells funky. Not so good. There is only one grill & one cook. On a busy day, you can wait too long for your meal.  They don't take cards; all payment is in cash.  These overwhelming mistakes are not some clever revolutionary concept. What they are is Anti-customer.  Somebody in charge has a cavalier attitude. Kind of a "I don't give a damn" casual flip-off to the customer. Yet when their close friends walk in, maybe community theater connections, the cook rushes out and gives them all a big welcome hug like they haven't seen one another in centuries.  So what if the food tastes great? The place seems plagued by a laid back-- no, I mean LAZY-- managerial  manifesto. That is sooo cool, man, until you sit and wait and wait for your meal.

  • 1198 Commercial St
    Astoria, OR 97103
    5.0 étoiles

    Simply the best food we had on our coastal vacation.  Elegant interior, fabulous wait staff, and chef Gordon creates the best entrees and everything else in Oregon.  The oysters were fresh, fresh. All seafood incredibly fresh.  The standards here are higher than anyplace in Astoria for freshness.  The standard is high here for excellent service, also.  It is a hip, cutting edge cuisine that is delicious.

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