• 3456 Naamans Rd
    Wilmington, DE 19810
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    India Grille is the go-to Indian style restaurant in or around Wilmington, Delaware. I like the restaurant because (1) the food is great, (2) the waitstaff is friendly and responsive, and (3) it's byob. In sum, I highly recommend it.

    Some quick background on the restaurant: The owner, Muhammad,  is a Bangladeshi man that previously owned another Indian restaurant on the Kirkwood highway.  After operating that restaurant for a few years, he decided he wasn't 100% satisfied with the quality of the dishes offered, so he moved back to Bangladesh for a year to hone his craft--he was successful.  Care and thought are reflected through the tastiness of all the dishes I've tried at India Grille.  

    I enjoyed every dish I've tried at India Grille. Note that I've only been there for dinner, and, thus, I can't speak on the lunch buffet or the take out experience.  I have tasted the (1) matar paneer, (2) tandoori chicken, (3) chicken tikka, (3) lamb kebab, and (4) the garlic naan.  In regards to the complaints about the food being excessively spicy, I wouldn't pay them much mind for the following reasons.  In the times I've been there, the waitstaff has always made a point of asking what what level of spiciness, between one and ten, I want my dishes prepared. If you don't want your food prepared spicy, specify you want it at a "one" level.  Additionally, in my first trip there, in a fit of cockiness, I ordered the food at a seven level and it was a tad too hot.  We mentioned it in passing to the waiter, and he immediately brought out yogurt for me to drizzle on the hot dishes as  I saw fit, thereby eradicating any heat problem. Lastly, it's Indian food, it comes with the territory, right?

    As I mentioned above, the waitstaff is outgoing and personable.  The owner always takes the time to graciously welcome us when we arrive there.  His son (also named Muhammad) jokes around with the patrons and is amiable.  Everyone is attentive.  Last time I was there, I asked the owner if he offered any Bangladeshi food from the area grew up in Bangladesh, and he gave me some recommendations of Bangladeshi food he would prepare for me on my next trip.

    I gave it four stars because it's a quality Indian style restaurant with good people working there.  I've been fortunate to travel and I've had very good Indian food. Compared to places in London or New York, India Grille may not come out on top, but it's the best I've had in this area by far.  Hats off to India Grille.

  • 606 Washington Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19147
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    Delicious Bahn Mi.  Nos 1 & 4 killed it.  Ba Le would be a perfect place to order sandwiches to eat before a Philly's game.  They also had tasty Vietnamese deserts and even a half-decent Kimchi.  Good look.

  • 623 S 6th St
    Philadelphia, PA 19147
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    impeccable and Amazing.  Exactly what you want in a neighborhood French Bistro.  My girlfriend never had French food before and Bistrot La Minette did not disappoint.  

    The wine was reasonably priced and tasty.  The waiter was friendly and knowledgable.  He did not try and up-sell us and gave us frank and honest advice.

    The food was delicious.  The mussels served with poached egg was by far the star of the meal.  We should have ordered two portions -that's how good it was and with no hyperbole.  We also as an appetizer the escargot and it too was very good.  Each escargot was served in an individual ceramic thimble-sized pot with garlic butter and a side of toast.  For the main courses, we shared rabbit and the monkfish.  My gf thought the rabbit was a little gamey, but I thought it was cooked to perfection.  We both enjoyed the monkfish; it was light and fresh.  We enjoyed the Mille Feuille Aux Framboises for desert and it was out of this world.  

    There is a prix fix dinner on Sundays for around $30 that we are excited to try.  

    I highly recommend this dinner.  Romantic but not stuffy.  Thumbs up.  I give it 5 stars and have officially found my go-to French restaurant in Philly.

  • 1946 Lombard St
    Philadelphia, PA 19146
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    Pub and Kitchen was good, but not great.  The staff was friendly and attentive.  The decor was typical of what you would expect of a gastropub: woody, homey,  and casually candlelit.  The food was tasty.  We ordered the buffalo wings and sweet breads for appetizers and fish and chips and the Churchill burger for our main courses.  Everything was above average except the fish & chips, which we thought were just OK.  There were about 8-10 beers on draft.  I enjoyed the porter and the hoppier IPA.  In addition, we thought the pre-prohibition cocktails (e.g. Dark and Stormy and the Old Fashioned) were fun.  Our main complaint was the price.  Two people for $150, which  included a 20% tip and 6 drinks.  Now for basic pub food, that is a little steep.  Bottom line: it was good but for the same amount of money, I would go to Village Whiskey.

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