• 967 B St
    Hayward, CA 94541
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    Before coming to Bliss on B St., I took a gander at their reviews on Yelp and noticed that there weren't ANY male reviews.   Despite having a flawless 5 Star Yelp average, I hesitated about venturing into something categorized as a "Hair Salon." I mean, can you say, "would you like a peddie with that?"  After all, I pride myself as a macho kinda guy [deep cough, deep cough].  

    Robin bravely volunteered to work her skills as my hair stylist (I don't know what title to use, and I assume she doesn't want to be called a barber).   It was clear to me from the very beginning of my visit, Robin was a complete professional.   She immediately put me at ease and methodically worked her way through my thick, wire-y hair.   Her easy-going, friendly demeanor made it relatively quick, painless, and quite frankly enjoyable experience.  

    It's hard to argue with the results.  I'm not generally one to toot my own horn, but damn... I thought I looked exceptionally good and so did a looot of women. In fact, I don't think I've been complimented so much about a hair cut until then.   Thanks Robin!   So fellahs, don't be put off by the fact that it is indeed a hair salon and most of the other patrons will probably be women...these women know what they're are doing and they do it oh so well!

  • 9525 E DoubleTree Ranch Rd
    Scottsdale, AZ 85258
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    **A Visitor's Perspective:
    I was in Scottsdale visiting family for a week and wanted to get in a few workouts(WODS).  There seemed to be an abundance of Crossfit boxes around the area so I decided to go to the one closest to me.  Afterall, a lot of them have an average of 4 or 5 star ratings on Yelp.  I told myself that if I didn't like it, at least I would still have several to choose from.  Crossfit Tempest happened to be a short 2 miles from me.  

    As a visitor, I was floored to experience such a welcoming atmosphere not just from the coaches but also from the fellow crossfitters.  I was practically greeted by every single person in the box which made me feel as if I were home.   As I expected, the WODs were pretty intense but incredibly satisfying.  Jason and Shane, the coaches, were both very professional and helpful and also gave me some very useful tips that I hadn't learned before.  

    I'm thankful that my first experience at Crossfit Tempest turned out as positive as it did because I came back twice before I eventually left Scottsdale!  I would definitely recommend Crossfit Tempest to anyone visiting the Scottsdale area and are looking for a great place to workout.  

    **A Tip For People New To Arizona**  Arizona gets HOT, HOT, HOT.  So if you're not used to the dry heat, I'd seriously recommend going to their 6:30am class.  The weather in the morning is actually pretty nice and optimal for WODs.  I learned the hard way on my first day and tried a WOD under the afternoon sun.   Let's just say it was a learning experience.

    Commentaire de Shane E. de CrossFit North Scottsdale
    29/06/2012 Thank you for coming and visiting! Appreciate the honest review. Coach J
  • $$ Pizza
    1875 S Bascom Ave
    Campbell, CA 95008
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    It had been a long, long time since I've had a slice of Deep Dish pizza.  You see, I had already taken sides on the great New York v. Chicago pizza debate.  I've always considered New York pizza superior, but after visiting Patxi's I'm now questioning my values, MY VALUES (more on this later).

    A Look Around:

    Patxi's is fancier than most pizzerias except probably for ones located in Santana Row.  We went in around 1PM on a Sunday and to my surprise we were immediately seated.

    What I Ordered:

    Spinach and Pesto Pizza w/ Pepperoni, Salami, and Mushroom.

    What My Taste Buds Say:

    First of all it took almost an hour to get our pizza (I forgot that it takes EXTRA long to make deep dish).  If food is going to take that long to get to my plate  it had better be good.  It's a good thing Patxi's far exceeded my expectations!  Dare I say that it's miles better than anything I've ever had in Chicago.  

    I'll start with the absolute best thing about my deep dish pizza: the crust. The crispy, flakiness of the crust was unlike anything I've ever tried before (think texture of apple pie crust!).  Just give me the crust and some dipping agent like honey or marinara and I'd be a happy guy.   Why all the fuss about the crust, you say?  Well, I'm not a crust kinda guy.  Like many (most) others, I usually discard it on my plate so when I actually tried crust that I enjoyed it was like KABOOM.  

    It's not like the rest of the pizza was sub-par either.  I'm giving Patxi's 5 Stars because everything was delicious.  The tomato sauce was absolutely perfect and not too tart or sour as I've come to expect on deep dish pizzas.  The spinach, pesto, pepperoni, salami, and mushrooms all played harmonious together--nothing really over powered anything else.  


    Overall: Yes, Patxi's gave me a moment's pause to re-evaluate the whole New York v. Chicago Debate.   Deep dish can be delicious if you go to the right place to eat it.  Further, I've hypothesized that part of the reason New Yorkers do not like Chicago Deep Dish pizza because they are thoroughly impatient and when you're hungry, waiting 45 min. to an hour for pizza can cause mental capacities to go haywire.  Perhaps we're looking at the whole New York v. Chicago thing all wrong.    Perhaps we should be looking at it like an Almond Joy/Mounds commercial, "Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't."

  • $$ Ramen
    698 W Dana St
    Mountain View, CA 94041
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    Honestly, I would not expect a place called 'Shalala' to be a Japanese Ramen eatery (is that racist?). Regardless, you could name it whatever you want as long as it is damn good.  Oh and ramen tastes better in winter.  

    A Look Around:

    TIGHT. TIGHT. TIGHT.  This place is pretty tiny.  Thankfully, I am neither tall nor heavy-set.   Funny thing-- there is a wooden divider as you walk through the entrance that separates the door and the dining area.  Well, I guess leaned against the divider  with too much vigor because it almost toppled over.  Thankfully, a patron was on the other side of the divided and stopped it...with his head. (Oops.)  So yeah, it's small.  In an earlier review, I made the observation that the smallest places end up being the best restaurants.  Well...

    What I Ordered:

    Spicy Miso Ramen with extra Chaasu (pork)
    Yaki Onigiri (Fried sushi)
    Spicy Karaage (chicken)

    What My Taste Buds Say:

    The Spicy Miso Ramen wasn't that spicy but was MIGHTY tasty on a cold winter's night.   The aroma of miso in the broth was deliciously captivating and the serving ramen noodles and chaasu was abundant.  My only complaint of the ramen was that the broth was a bit thick because of all the fat and give me a minor case of sticky lips which made it difficult for me to finish the broth.  However, I've found this to be a trend in ramen shops.    

    The Sides:
    The yaki onigiri wasdelicious fried and crunchy variation of traditional nigiri. Spicy Karaage almost reminded of something you could pick up at KFC which is not  a bad thing but hardly seemed Japanese or fusion.  It was delicious, regardless.

    Overall:  Shalala is a ramen shop that excels in ramen.  If you were to go to one of these in Japan, they'd be just as small and just as great.  Did I mention that ramen tastes better in winter?

  • 2006 S Winchester Blvd
    Campbell, CA 95008
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    Pyscho Donuts is where whimsy comes to life.   Dunkin Donuts beware: Your crazy cousin is coming for you.

    A Look Around:

    This place is actually as crazy as its name implies.  There's an actual costume corner where you can try on different wigs and costumes while you eat your donut. However,  I probably wouldn't recommend trying on wigs from a communal costume bin...you never know, right?  Pass.  I came here for the donuts.  The selection was unbelievable.  I kept thinking, "Where was this place when I was a 6 year old?"  I mean...Captain Crunch on a marshmallow spread on a donut...

    What I Ordered:

    I was enamored by almost the entire selection of donuts, so I ordered 5 different doughnuts.  Relax, I only had a bite of each one.  

    Captain Crunch
    CoCo Puffs
    Cookies N Cream
    Maple and Bacon
    Toasted Coconut

    What My Taste Buds Say:

    Taste buds were overwhelmed and frankly, disappointed.  I went around 8PM so perhaps they weren't as fresh as they could be but why would you be open so late if you serve something so mediocre?  To feed the masses with the munchies, perhaps?
    First,  all of the doughnuts were incredibly sweet so it was difficult to distinguish between flavors--even with the dough with bacon it.  Getting passed the toppings, you'll find the texture of the actual doughnut to be quite dense.  This could possibly be because of the time I went.  I felt like it would have been an improvement to have them microwaved but wasn't given that option.  

    These doughnuts are extremely whimsical.  For me, its not enough of a whimsy to be a repeat customer.   Sorry

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    2 check-ins

    Here's the thing... as I write this review, I have 9 restaurants that I have bookmarked which waiting for me to write up a review.  I felt THAT compelled to write a review.

    A Look Around:

    Cafe Aquarius is intimate...which is my way of saying that it's small and tight.  I went around 11AM and thankfully avoided the lunchtime crowds.  I'm beginning to think the trend is that the best restaurants are the smallest restaurants.  Seriously, my party of four never felt so close to each other.  Since tight spaces = small tables it was tricky trying to fit all our plates and side dishes on the table.  

    What I Ordered:

    Lemon Ricotta Pancakes
    Earthly Delight (w/ a side of Apple Sausage)
    **Cafe Aquarius has two different menus for the Weekday and the Weekend**

    What My Taste Buds Say:

    In short, my taste buds told me to keep coming back to Cafe Aquarius.  I'm not one for the overuse of hyperbole, BUT this review is littered with them as I thought every bite of my meal was incredibly satisfying.

    The Earthly Delight is a light, velvetty omelette stuffed with a generous serving of luscious shittake mushrooms and  creamy gruyere.  I'm an avid egg-eater, but I've never tried anything this good.  It was close your eyes good.  I ordered a side of Apple Sausage to pair with the omelette because I thought I'd  need hearty protein to go along with my omelette, however, I felt it was more of distraction than an enhancement.  

    A first glance, the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes looked like any ordinary pancakes.  That is, until you actually begin to cut a piece.  The texture of these pancakes was light and creamy which I felt was more similar to cutting into bread pudding than a pancake.  Eating these pancakes was mentally transformative.  The moment the pancakes met my tongue I felt sheer pleasure.   When I ordered the pancakes I had figured that they were going to be tart since lemon happens to be apart of its name.  Not so with these pancakes-- the lemon flavor was beautifully subtle and definitely not tart. They'll give you standard maple syrup to drizzle but you can definitely do without it.  In fact, I'm adamantly opposed putting maple syrup on these babies.  Don't mask a good thing with sugar people.


    I've had a two month hiatus from reviewing on Yelp.  I felt that I had little inspiration to write about restaurants that were only so-so.  Well, the drought is now over--I've found my inspiration.  Cafe Aquarius is great eating.  GO HERE!

  • 3561 El Camino Real
    Santa Clara, CA 95051
    2.0 étoiles

    Ooh, you fancy, huh?  That's what I thought of a place called, "Paris Baguette."  Wouldn't you.  

    A Look Around:
    I went in at around 2PM and boy was there a line. As much as I hate lines I think its a great indicator of how good the eatery will be.  I was also loving the sweet smell of breads, pastries, and cakes so waiting in the line wasn't too bad.  As you're in line, you're able to self-serve yourself to different pastries and breads and then pay for it at the register.  This concept would really blow if, say, all you wanted a single pastry and then had to wait in that long, long line just to buy something you already had in mind.   For me, since I wanted to do some taste-testing (and I was enjoying the different aromas) I didn't really mind.

    What I Ordered:
    Sticky Rice Twisted Doughnut, Twist Pie, Chox Cream Bread, Sweet Potato Pie

    What My Taste Buds Say:

    The Sticky Rice Twisted Doughnut: this was a grease bomb that was both spongy and soggy.  I had one bite and I was done.  The textural unpleasantness overwhelmed my the actual taste.  

    The twist pie tasted  stale and was tough to the bite.

    The Sweet Potato Pie Pastry had an understated sweet potato pie taste which depending on your tastes is either good or bad.  The pastry itself however was a bit soggy.

    The Chox Cream Bread was probably the best thing I had here but still wasn't anything special.  

    Other Impressions: I kept wondering how different my experience would be if I went right when the opened, but still, I wouldn't stake my reputation on selling stale tasting, tough pastries at any time of the day.

    Overall:  I'm pretty shocked they received an average of 4 stars.  Sorry guys.  I'm willing to go back in the morning when the products are hopefully much more fresh but for now I gotta give a 2 based on my experience.

  • 361 California Dr
    Burlingame, CA 94010
    3.0 étoiles

    I almost didn't eat at Stacks because of the lack of and difficulty of parking in Burlingame.  To be fair, I'm sure all men, women, and children have this problem while shopping/eating in the area.

    A Look Around:
    Stacks is located around a really great shopping area..with pretty bad parking (I mentioned that already, didn't I?)  Step inside Stacks and you'll notice a restaurant that looks like it tries to mimic a french cafe(ish).  It's nothing too fancy but pretty nice.  Actually, the first thing I noticed when I stepped into the restaurant was a big plate of food passing my face.  It looked great!  The portion size was definitely going to satisfy my hunger.  

    What I Ordered:
    I ordered the special of the day: Pesto omelet

    What My Taste Buds Say:
    I shot myself in the foot by not ordering pancakes or waffles.  I mean, who the hell goes into a restaurant called "STACKS" and not try something that is stacked?  Well, apparently this guy.  My bad, sorry guys.  Anyhow, the omelet was dense and cheesy.  I've never had Pesto with an omelet before so it was an interesting combination.  The Pesto itself was as pungent as they could sometimes be so that was nice.  Otherwise, I wasn't blown away  by my meal.  

    Other impressions:  They offer breakfast for lunch too.

    Overall: I need to go back and try the pancakes or the waffles.  For now, Stacks was middle of the road. Much like this review.

  • 71 Curtner Ave
    San Jose, CA 95125
    4.0 étoiles

    Ah! The Boiling Crab! (TBC)  I've heard about this place from soo friends (and Yelp, of course!).  It seems like a common disclaimer that came from them was "OMG, the wait was SOOO long."  Well, OMG indeed.
    [This review is largely a comparison between my experiences at CrawDaddy (CD) and The Boiling Crab (TBC).  It's sure to piss a few people off.]  

    A Look Around:  
    The first thing you notice when going into TBC is that the restaurant was CROWDED.  The second thing I noticed was the big sign disclaiming that the crawfish was frozen and not fresh.  Oh well.  Don't like crawfish anyway.  I came here for the SHRIMP, baby! Also, whereas CD seems like a whole in the wall, TBC seems like a generic franchise decorated like a harbor.  After 45 minutes of waiting I was SO SO excited to finally get my eat on.  This restaurant is extremely similar to CD, which I reviewed several weeks ago and gave it 5 stars. CD is notably different in several ways.  First, there seems to be twice the floor space but somehow I felt even more cramped than I did at CD  Secondly, there is no way to conclusively confirm this, but I felt like 4 lbs of shrimp was noticeably smaller at TBC.  

    What I Ordered:
    4 lbs of Medium Spicy Shrimp, 2 lbs of  Mild Shrimp, 2 Orders of Sweet Potato Fries, Cajun Fries  (Hey, my motto is: "When I eat, I EAT." Hahaha, there was also 5 people at my table).  It broke my heart that they didn't offer deep fried shrimp similar to that of CD's 'Crawdaddy' Shrimp.  They did offer deep fried breaded shrimp, but it just isn't the same :/  

    What My Taste Buds Say:
    Like CD, there are several heat levels for the shrimp choose from at TBC.  I have to say that TBC got the spice level right!  The garlicky, buttery medium-heat sauce is perfectly spicy without being obscenely hot.  The Mild Shrimp was dull and bland and dipping it into the medium spice sauce served no redeeming value.  The Cajun Fries were passable and actually seemed a little under-seasoned.  The Sweet Potato Fries were beautifully crispy and mildy sweet--just as they should be. Unfortunately, it seemed like the portion size for the fries at TBC was smallish compared to that at CD as well.  

    Other impressions:
    There are quite a few TVs all around so you were able to catch some games.  The waitresses were all in a uniform and were not as cute as the ones at CD (observations are important, people!).  The service was pretty slow on the drink re-fills which is important for someone like me who drinks like a fish.  

    The Boiling Crab scores a homerun on their mediumshrimp and sweet potato fries,  but strikes out on their mild shrimp.  For me, Crawdaddy was pound-for-pound a better eating experience, HOWEVER, that shouldn't stop anyone from visiting the TBC!  I would totally go again, you know, if CD was closed.

  • Parrott St. and E. 14th St
    San Leandro, CA 94577
    3.0 étoiles

    Bayfair isn't one of the greatest malls in America.  Actually, I do whatever I can do to avoid it.  But every Saturday farmers make their way out of California Country to sell their freshest produce.  The least I could do is to visit from time to time, right?

    A Look Around:
    The San Leandro Farmer's Market is tiny compared to others that I've been to including the Ferry Building (SF), Jack London Square(Oakland), and Campbell (Southbay/San Jose).  If you're looking for a wide selection of locally grown produce you shouldn't have high expectations of finding it at San Leandro.  They definitely focus on the basics and sell whatever is growing that season.  

    Dining options are also pretty limited: Indian, a few baked good booths,  kettle corn, Mexican, and a couple others.  

    Honestly, I'd prefer driving the extra distance to go to Jack London or Campbell over San Leandro.  However, if you're about the basics and don't mind the limited options that is restricted by its size, then San Leandro isn't so bad.  One pleasant fact about this market is that there are hardly any crowds (Whew!).  So you're not competing with others to get the freshest produce or to get in a 10-person long cue in order to get some lunch.  

    Overall:  This farmer's market isn't for me so I go very sparingly.  Nevertheless, there is a demographic for this though, you'll just have to go and find out for youself!

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