• 930 Luciano Flores St
    San Marcos, TX 78666
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    Screw ups happen. The one that happened with my package was mostly amazon's fault, but both the ladies working the counter at UPS did everything they could to help me get my package. They were very nice, got their manager inovolved and apologized for the delay. I can't really ask for much more than that.

  • 2113 Fordham Ln
    Austin, TX 78723
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    I know I'm bucking the trend here, but I can only review my experience. After seeing the reviews on yelp, I was sure I'd found the right company to turn my barren wasteland into a lush backyard. They might have been the right company if they had actually bothered to respond to my attempt to contact them through their website.

    Don't put a button on the page that says, "Click here - Receive a reply in 24 hours" if you're not going to follow through. It makes you look like bad. And gets you one-star reviews.

  • 1256 N State Highway 123
    San Marcos, TX 78666
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    The food is typical CE food. Good, but not great. The quality of the service is severly lacking, though. A simple enough to-go order resulted in being shorted one side, which seemed like it was a world of trouble to make right. Hey, it was just fries, for Pete's sake! Also, no utensils to be found. Luckily, I was headed home and didn't have to drink the cole slaw.

    The unforgivable, though, was that there was no tartar sauce in either of the catfish dinners. Really, do I have to ask for that? Is that an extra quarter now on top of the eight dollars and change?

    If you venture in, check your order for EVERYTHING before you leave, not just major components.

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    I usually check yelp before I go to a restaurant, and I might not have stopped at this Logan's based on their rating or some of the reviews. This time, though, I need a place to park with a trailer and they had it. And I've had good food and service at other Logan's locations.

    This one turned out to be no exception. We were seated promptly, our orders were taken, quickly and correctly delivered and the food was hot and delicious. Except for the salad. The salad was cold and delicious. I'm not a salad guy, but I finished that one. Logan's brings you so much more than a bowl of iceberg.

    The staff was friendly and attentive. The place was clean and comfortable. That's pretty much everything I expect from a chain restaurant in this price range. It ain't Ruth's Chris, but it didn't set me back a day's pay, either. Not to mention that the amount of food was plenty to make another meal of later. Okay, I guess I did mention it.

  • 2795 S Broadwood
    Englewood, CO 80113
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    Metro Screenworks sells what appears to be a decent product (Pet Screen) at a competitive price. However, their business practices are abhorrent, and their customer service is nonexistent. During my online order process, I provided them with a single address; my shipping address in San Marcos, TX. I used Paypal to complete the transaction, and their computer system took my info from the Paypal website and shipped to my address in Port Arthur, TX. I caught the error while the package was in transit, and called Metro Screenworks immediately.

    They insisted that I had entered the Port Arthur address as my shipping address until I repeatedly explained exactly what had obviously happened. The salesman on the phone admitted that it was probably the case, and he "didn't know much about that stuff." He did call FedEx and called me back to let me know that re-routing and additional shipping to the address that I provided in the first place would be an extra $25. Then he asked how I'd like to pay for that. I had no time to argue. I was in the middle of a move and needed a screened porch for my cats. I gave him my credit card info.

    Later, I followed up with the IT department at Metro Screenworks via a long series of emails. Their IT department doesn't know SH about IT, either. Again, I was told I must have manually entered the Port Arthur address. Nope, it's in all CAPS, just like it is on Paypal. The address I entered on your site is not. Your site pulled the info and shipped to an address other than where I requested the package be sent. IT guy said he would open a case with Paypal and have them contact me, as he was sure he was right.

    Suffice it to say that he never contacted Paypal, at all. I, however, did. Not only did they verify my version of what happened based on the way Metro Screenworks has their account set up, Paypal stepped up and credited my account with $25 because they actually value me as a customer. Maybe there's a lesson to be learned there, Metro Screenworks!

    If you think this type of customer service is isolated from this joke of a company, read the reviews that Yelp does not recommend. It seems to be typical. They have a really bad attitude. If that matters to you, there are other places to buy screens. I know I'll be buying mine elsewhere.

    Commentaire de Randall W. de Metro Screenworks
    24/12/2014 We ship to the address that a customer enters on our web site at the time of ordering.  Each… En savoir plus
  • 3838 W Park Ave
    Orange, TX 77630
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    Wow. In one fell swoop, Lana Griffith went from someone I had a ton of respect for to absolute zero. An employee in her practice had prescribed a medication for me and when it came time for it to be refilled, that employee had left the practice. Additionally, thanks to the new insurance laws, my plan had changed.

    In short, Ms. Griffith refused to refill the prescription, which carries the warning to gradually discontinue use because, "Abrupt withdrawal has been associated with seizures in individuals without a history of seizures or epilepsy." Well, I was out and they knew it, but seizures be damned, they didn't take my insurance and didn't want to see me. Not even an offer to see me as a cash-paying patient. If this is what you're looking for in the way of medical care for your family, Griffith Health Care is just right for you.

  • $$ Hôtel
    902 Main St
    Blanco, TX 78606
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    I just enjoyed my first stay at The Blanco County Inn. It certainly won't be my last. My experience there was great from check-in to check-out, and it was the same for everyone in my party. In all, we had four rooms. That was probably about a third of the capacity, but it wouldn't have mattered. Every guest was treated like family by the family that owns the inn.

    The rooms are all fresh and clean and the building is in great shape even though it has a charm reminiscent of a mid-century roadside motel. It should, because that's what it is, just one that has been lovingly updated with flat-panel TV, Wi-Fi, fridge, microwave, modern fixtures and enough electrical outlets.

    Add to that some bottled water, muffins and full-sized chocolate bars in the room and they could charge a whole lot more than their very reasonable rates. In front of the rooms is a large lawn with a grill and a fire pit or two complete with a stack of seasoned wood and a starter log for the asking. Several padded chairs, some rockers, a kid-sized table and a raised deck that would (and has) served well for weddings and family reunions and any kind of get-together you can imagine.

    The inn is an easy walk from the town square, where most of the restaurants are located, and Ralph will give you some help in finding the right one to meet your taste. And if his chickens are laying, he might even send you home with some fresh eggs!

    As a lover of the Texas Hill Country, I have found my new home away from home.

  • 8006 E Araphoe Rd
    Centennial, CO 80112
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    In town on vacation when my wife developed a fever and swelling in her abdomen. Went in to this location and were seen quickly. Doctor there sent us to a nearby ER for treatment and didn't charge us or our insurance for the visit. How often does that happen? Awesome service, wonderful people, highly recommended!!

  • 15220 Bagley Rd
    Middleburg Heights, OH 44130
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    Just visiting town and was quite impressed with the other reviews. The place got off to a decent start with some tasty soups and loaf of bread with plenty of real butter. My wife ordered the ribeye, a Sizzler-style cut, very thin and it could be generously described as marbled. More scrappy than marbled, though. I ordered the Cheese Crusted Chicken, which was quite tasty. The real downfall was served on the side. Under the appetizer section, they tempt you with skins "stuffed with cheddar and provolone cheeses, green onions and bacon bits, served with sour cream." So, these people obviously know what belongs on a potato. It ain't on the baker, Bub! Buttery flavored substance and sour creamishness are all you get with that spud. And the veggies? Peas and carrots straight from a gallon can marked "Peas & Carrots." No attempt to season or dress them, or offer any actual green vegetable. All-in-all, not bad, but not so good.

  • 5990 Stockdick Rd
    Katy, TX 77494
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    Beer was cold, food was tasty, staff was friendly & the music, John Evans Band, was awesome! Minus two stars just for not having air conditioning in Texas in June.