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  • 1106 Irvine Blvd
    Tustin, CA 92780
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    Service was great and fast!!  very clean!!

  • 1005 W Isabel St
    Burbank, CA 91506
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    This place is off the beaten path, and in an industrial area. I believe that they mostly sell to contractors and such.

    I came here to buy blue foam to make halloween tombstones.

    They were very helpful !! They even cut the piece of foam for me so it could fit in my car.

    I will be back next year to buy more foam for my always growing grave yard.

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    This coco's used to be a Carrows.  

    I ALWAYS come here. when it was a Carrow's it was a lot slower and service was very fast and never a wait.

    Now that it's a coco's they redecorated the inside so it's very nice, BUT unfortunately the service has taken a turn for the worse.

    Now when I go there is a wait 5-10 min . That I don't mind so much. unfortunately ,It now takes forever for the waiter to come over and take our orders. and the wait is also ridiculously long for our food to come out.   This has happened 2 times.

    What would take us 20 min @ Carrow's now takes us about 45 at Coco's.

    I think they need to hire more waiters ASAP and people in the kitchen.

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