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  • $ Burger
    2103 San Marco Blvd
    Jacksonville, FL 32207
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    I'm really struggling with this review - will start by saying that this was as close to a perfect slider style burger as I've ever had.  So, why the two stars?  This place can and should be much more  - The implementation of this third M Shack location is lazy and done in a "half way" manner.

    So my honey tells me that she has heard this location is just a food truck.  I say "no", because I've seen the giant "M" on the chimney of the old Take Away Gourmet.  Why emblazon a permanent structure with a logo if it's a food truck?  I was wrong - it is a food truck - or a food trailer to be more accurate.  Choose to go here, and you'll eat on the covered porch or be expected to have your food to go.  Eating outside can be charming at many times over the year, but not overlooking a parking lot in July.  

    Burgers were perfect.  Really, couldn't have been better.  Fries were okay, but this place begs for more.  M Shack (all of them, not just this one) really needs to take on hand cutting potatoes and making these the right way.  Real hand cut fries might not be a good mix with truffle oil or queso, but simply do the basics right, and  people will love it.  Worst of all were the drinks - bottled water, Coke products, tea, lemonade and shakes.  What's the problem?  My daughter asked for a Sprite - they were out, so she had a lemonade.  My son and I asked for a Diet Coke - they were out - WHAT?!  OK, we had tea instead...  but the tea and lemonade are warm in a giant dispenser on the porch.  By the time you add enough ice to cool it off, you're left with a lousy watered down drink.  Damn.

    Food truck operators can figure out a way to deliver great food and drinks out of a truck, but except for the burger, these guys failed every other way imaginable last night.  Sad thing is, it would be incredibly easy to fix.

    *EDIT* Just noticed their website claims "hand-cut fries" - maybe, before they were frozen.  They really don't appear to be hand-cut or fresh, though.

  • 9210 San Jose Blvd
    Jacksonville, FL 32257
    5.0 étoiles
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    Just what we needed in this part of town: excellent wine, friendly advice, competitive prices.

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