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  • 485 E Riverwalk S
    Chicago, IL 60611
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    We rented electric bikes this past Saturday and had an excellent time. The bikes and helmets were clean and totally worth the cost of our 4-hr rental. I think I'd do a 3-hr next time just because we didn't need that much time in hindsight, but the bikes themselves were top notch! The service was quick, fast and friendly. The bikes are super easy to learn and really aren't much than a bike that's just easier to ride. Same pedal motion, but they give you a little push, it feels. It's wonderful going up inclines or if you're not terribly athletic. Even if you are, it's still nice to ride for a long time at ease!

    The basket on the back is well big enough for your things and they each come with sturdy locks if you'd like to lock up briefly and check out some scenery. No bigger than a regular bike, just a bit more powerful.

    I highly recommend Wanderbikes and will definitely be renting in the future.

  • 139 Glen St
    Tamiment, PA 18324
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    We spent a week last summer at this resort. It's recently been re-done and all the amenities are new! The pool, clubhouse, fitness center... and they even have $1 buy-in BINGO! I know, get excited.

    We had the great grandparents, grandparents, parents (that would be us) and our wee little nuggito at this condo resort and had lots of room...

    We made our meals in the full kitchen and it was just perfect.

    Nature surrounds you. It's quiet, peaceful, and beautiful.

  • 335 N Schmidt Rd
    Bolingbrook, IL 60440
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    We've been coming here a few years now and really have nothing but amazing things to say about Dr. Kerai and his assistants. They're always gentle, use state-of-the-art equipment, and are fairly quick. Dr. Kerai is definitely well studied and keen on the latest advancements in dental work.

    I had never had a water cleaning before coming here! Who knew that they are more efficient and better!

    I have had numerous cavities filled (grrrr) here and they have done an excellent job each time. The best dentist we've ever been to!

    I brought in my son while still an infant and during my cleaning, he began to cry in his carseat. The assistants took him out and rocked him while the dentist finished my cleaning! That's the kind of care they provide!

  • 7306 Ga Hwy 21
    Savannah, GA 31407
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    Not much to speak of... it's a little hole that's good for takeout-- though they do have a few tables in the restaurant itself.

    I don't know that I'd return if I lived locally (probably find another joint to be my go-to), bit it did the job. I found it a bit expensive for takeout ($9/entree), but if you consider the amount of food you're getting, it's not all that bad.

    We ordered Schezwan chicken (not breaded/fried) and veggie lo mein. Each were made in less than 10 minutes and to order. They accommodated our request to have non-breaded/fried chicken which was a huge bonus.

    Served with rice, fortune cookies, and to-go plasticware so we could take back to our hotel and chill. Not bad on flavor, but not amazing either.

  • $$ Pizza
    119 N Cody Rd
    Le Claire, IA 52753
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    Went here on our way to the American Pickers joint. There weren't many options on the street and pizza sounded good enough.

    They had a taco pizza that is clearly their high-seller, but I wasn't sure if their "bean mixture" had lard in it and I don't dig animal fat in my beans. So... decided to forego and stick to a vegetarian "little joe" sized pizza for almost $6. It had green and black olives, onions, and... wait for it... sauerkraut! Yeah, I know!

    The husband had some pizza with Canadian bacon and sauerkraut as well. We left talking about how we plan to make our own taco pizza and sauerkraut pizzas at home this week. Minus the lard, of course.

    The major issue was that we were not full when we left. I guess "little joe" sizes aren't good for grown adults. Should've split a medium like we originally thought, but I didn't want to make the half/half sitch difficult on the place. Turns out they have experience considering there are like 30 locations in 6 states! Never heard of them as we're Chicagoans just traveling up here for a weekend of randomness in the Quad cities.

    The pizza was delicious. As I sat there in the booth, I saw a sign for free wifi. I hooked up my iPhone and visited their website (because I wanted to know if it was a chain) and saw that I could join their e-club. Joined and they sent me IMMEDIATELY an email that said I get $5 off my next large pizza (basically making it about $15, or the price of the mediums). Considering we paid $12+ for our two itty-bitty pizzas you'd see on a kid's menu, I'd prefer to spend only $3 more for a large using that coupon. Maybe we'll go back tomorrow. Hah. Coupon expires about 2 weeks after joining the e-club, FYI.

    Good. Tasty. Would return. Wouldn't order the "little joe" size again. Will attempt to make my own creative pizzas at home. :)

  • 79 3rd St
    Laurium, MI 49913
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    We're not from the area and were tourists for the UP and Isle Royale.

    This place was definitely a locals joint. They have a big production of pasty makers in the back with only one type of pasty: corned beef, potato, and rutabaga. Tis all. If you don't like those ingredients, you can order two hours in advance and they can make you something you like.

    The prices are from the 50s or something. The pasty with coleslaw was $4.50-- most expensive item. I had a grilled cheese ($2.50) with tomato and a side salad ($1.50). We also had a breakfast plate for around $3, I think. That with drinks for four people, $22.

    My grilled cheese was grilled on meat grease... vomit. Otherwise, it was all great!

  • 1525 S Main St
    Bloomington, IL 61701
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    Gonna keep this short and simple: Major ick.

    The best thing about the place is the salsa bar-- but questionable. My stomach was making some SERIOUS rambling noises after this dinner and it rarely gets upset!

  • 3131 Finley Rd
    Downers Grove, IL 60515
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    Just okay for me. This is the formal location of Finley's Grill Room and is now called Rockwood Tap House with menu changes and interior improvements. The management and chefs are the same, our waitress told us.

    The food is a little less fancy than Finley's and the prices a bit cheaper. Since the bar is in the center, it can be a bit loud, but overall it's a decent place. It's what you expect from a somewhat upscale tap house restaurant.

    I only give it an OK rating because next door is Fuddrucker's and I have a mighty love for that place. You get whatever burger you want with whatever toppings and it's cheaper.

    At our table: 1 burger, 1 vegetarian burger (homemade but with few seasonings-- could be improved), 1 pulled pork sandwich, and one pot pie.

    I ordered the veggie burger and was pleased that the burger choice I made was topped with BBQ sauce, cheese, and grilled onions. It was huge! It was also very messy but that's usually a good thing when speaking of BBQ sauce. It needed all the sauce because the patty was not so wonderful. It had great ingredients (carrots, veggies, beans = protein), but the flavor was lacking.

    We all thought our food was good, but considering there are many restaurants I've never been to everywhere, I wouldn't run back to this place. If others wanted to go, I'd encourage Fudd's instead for burgers... but would go back if it was a decision of the group.

    We had pretzels to start as an appetizer and they were okay-- served with mustard and cheese sauce. I also ordered a Rockwood lager for $4 and it was decent.

    They have daily drink specials and a decent draft list. I do agree with the first reviewer, though, the fries were good.

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    I experienced the Grounds for the first time today. They opened earlier this week and I was excited because there aren't many coffee shops near my house! I live about a mile away and figured I'd make the walk down there and check out the selection.

    There are plenty of tables, free wifi (that in itself is worth it!), super affordable drinks and snacks... and they even have paninis and a soup of the day! I was quite impressed that they offer Ghirardelli chocolate for their hot chocolate (served with milk for only a buck!)... though I ordered a tea because the pomi-berry sounded delish at the time.

    I also ordered a chocolate muffin. Oh my heavens. It was gooey inside like a brownie and only $1.20! I couldn't even get half of a muffin at Starbucks for that price.

    tea: just over a buck
    muffin: $1.20

    total: $2.47 for a fun stroll on a crisp fall day!
    The fireplace was going and there were news updates on the flatscreens that I was a big fan of. My clothes didn't reek of coffee (ehm, like Starbucks) because I sat with a friend for an hour... and ...

    best of all... proceeds go to World Relief! I will be a frequent visitor and recommend checking it out especially if you have a kiddo. You can order something hot, a snack, and your kiddo can play in a safe and warm environment. An indoor park with perks! :)

    See you there.

  • 817 Ogden Avenue
    Lisle, IL 60532
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    I must admit. If you asked me 5 months ago what I thought of these people, I would hate on them. Hate on them, I tell you.

    But, I am becoming softer. It all started on a nice fall day in September when I went to open a P.O. Box. It's a simple process. You must fill out a paper, pay, etc. BUT, the paper you're required to fill out is only available online. You must print it yourself. Since we're new to the area, we had no where to print... so we had to go to the Lisle library and beg them (we aren't residents yet!) to print out a paper and head back to the Post Office.

    Question: If you're PAYING for the p.o. box, doesn't it make sense that they would kindly print it for you or have it available on-hand?

    Answer: apparently not.

    They continued to be rude to us and refused to allow me to forward from my P.O. box. Somehow, I got around their antics and managed to get almost everything I wanted.

    Scenario: We moved from LA to Chicago and quickly had to board a plane for work in Europe for 6 months. With no home, where does your mail go? I had our mail forwarded to my husband's work and they sent it on to Europe for us... what. a. pain. in. the. butt.

    And on top of that, we got in trouble for having a double-forward. They told me that rather than forward from the p.o. box to my husband's work, we should give someone our p.o. box key and let them collect our mail.

    I. don't. think. so!

    While we were in Europe, we found out a piece of our mail was returned to sender. A very important document, of course. I called the post office and they told me it couldn't be forwarded, so they sent it back. Why couldn't they just hold it for me? I mean, I AM PAYING for a p.o. box so isn't their job to accept my mail?

    We were told to call back during the hours of the p.o. box handler (he works like 4 hours a day. good luck!) and finally spoke with this guy who knew ALL ABOUT US. He said he was saving all my junk mail and sounded like he was complaining about it (I am paying for this, did I mention?!?) and told me I should consider getting a larger box and reprimanded me for having a double-forward. AGAIN.

    Now, the time is nearly up on the forwarding drama and I went in two days ago to pick up the mail. The man who helped me was super super nice. I was really impressed with him and he packed up all my mail in a bag and gave me some boxes to help with my other shipments.

    I went back yesterday to ship more, and another man helped me. I was a big fan of him, too. He helped me load a box and even allowed me to use some of his tape for free. He was such a nice guy.

    I have, however, been treated very poorly by a woman named Pong there. Perhaps she should consider a new career.

    I (sort of) recommend this place. At least they answer the phone and answer my questions--even if they answers they provide aren't what I'm looking for. They do deal with crazies like me with big requests all the time...

    Buy hey. You get government holidays off, cheer up. I mean, right?

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