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  • 90 Railroad Ave
    Danville, CA 94526
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    The new location is NOT open yet and the old location is closed. It appears to be close to being open but a phone call to the main number just states "early 2014" as the opening.

    Call before you go...

  • Concord, CA 94518
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    I recently moved into a condo. I assumed the carpets would be cleaned prior to move-in (my bad for assuming), but they were not.  They weren't just a little dirty, they were disgusting.  So gross, in fact, that it felt hard and matted in places and walking from the carpet onto the laminate floors was transferring a pool of dirt onto the laminate.

    Refugio, the owner of Coco's Carpet Cleaning, was next door cleaning the carpets of my neighbor when I asked him to come over and give me an estimate when he was finished.  He gave me an amazing deal - 2 rooms plus one large rug for $60. and cleaned my carpets right then and there.  He was in and out in 45 minutes and left me an invoice so I could bill my landlord. The carpets were dry by the next morning (my rug was dry in 30 minutes) and they looked (and felt) fabulous!

    I highly recommend Coco's Carpet Cleaning if your carpets need some help.

  • 4400 Broadway
    Oakland, CA 94611
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    I went in to purchase "The Club" since my old-model Toyota is apparently very easy to steal.  When I walked in, all 4 people working at the counter were busy with customers, so I didn't receive a "hello" or eye contact from anyone.  I wandered around a little looking for my needed device and after the second pass by the counter, one of the Fab 4 asked if I needed help.  I told her what I wanted and she not only told me where it was, but walked me to it and explained how the 2 models differ so I could make an informed decision on which was best for me.  She then told me to find her at the counter once I had decided and she'd ring me up.

    The store appeared to be well-organized and stocked with the essentials, with signs over each aisle to help shoppers locate things easier.

    Overall, a positive experience and helpful customer service.  I'd go back...

  • Carmel by the Sea, CA 93921
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    At the risk of sounding like an old lady, I really love walking tours.  It's a great way to learn about history and architecture from a person in the know.  I've been on several in SF and the East Bay and they have always been fun and informative.

    One of the most important traits of a good tour guide is to keep you engaged through their knowledge of your surroundings.  Gale is a lovely woman, but I didn't find her very engaging and I was craving more detailed information than what she shared.    

    The description on the website creates an expectation that the walk itself doesn't come close to delivering.  You're better off spending the $25. tour fee on a book of Carmel history and free-styling it.

  • 766 Harrison St
    San Francisco, CA 94107
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    Next *sucka*, step right up...

    CUBIX - where 300K buys you 300 sq ft of living space (no bigger than most hotel rooms)...

    With no closet...

    Plus, at no extra cost, you get the sound of all-night traffic on Harrison to lull you to sleep, a beautiful view of concrete from every window, and a *shared* patio so small that your cat doesn't even want to go out there.


    The living wall in the lobby is the best thing about Cubix.  I can admire it on my way to Whole

    Just FYI, the size of the average US prison cell is 8x12 (96 sq ft).

  • San Francisco, CA 94199
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    You know the one...

    I refer to him as the drummer guy (DG).  You may know him as something else.  Whatever his real name one thing's for sure; his paint-can drum-beating is an entertaining diversion to the hustle and bustle of the Union Square/SOMA area.  If you have ever stopped, listened and watched; you'll see the mood changing effects that DG has on people by simply sharing his passion for drumming, his silly jokes and his genuine smile.  I know his main motivation for being there every day is to make money, but we all gotsta make money, so why not make it sharing a talent that makes people happy?  

    Rock-on DG!

    I recently noticed that he places partially filled plastic water bottles under some of the cans, which makes the beats vibrate and sound like a bass guitar.  Cool!

  • Trapped in the house behind the computer looking for work
    Berkeley, CA 94701
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    If being laid-off isn't a big enough ding to my over-inflated ego, finding out that unemployment only pays out $450./week makes me have very bad thoughts involving a semi automatic weapon and screaming University students.

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