• 8764 Melrose Ave
    West Hollywood, CA 90069
    5.0 étoiles

    The Happy hour menu is on point!!

    Come here Tuesdays-Saturdays from 4PM to 7PM for their great happy hour menu.  Its is not just drinks and not just bar food on the menu, making some of Cecconi's signature dishes available without breaking the bank to do so.  

    The fried olives were a great accompaniment to my dirty martini, and both pizzettas were delicious.  ALL of these items are only $4!!!

    The truffle burger can compete with some of the better burgers in Southern California's juggernauts and the veal tonnato was a first for me but this dish did not at all disappoint.  These dishes were only $7 each.  Epic happy hour if you ask me.  

    And after an Aperol Spritz, an Eastern Standard, and a couple Bellini's, I left completely satisfied for around $60.  Definitely going to stop by here again during rush hour, avoid traffic and enjoy the finer things in life.

  • 1038 S Hill St
    Los Angeles, CA 90015
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    This is a fun, over the top, WWF meets Lucha Libre Mexican wrestling, combined with a burlesque show and satirical exotic revue.  

    It was a fun show to watch, fun to take the significant other to either make a good date night, a way to spice up the ralationship or just plain ol fashioned drunk and obnoxious fun in downtown.

    The tickets are very pricey in my opinion given the theatrical performances that take place, and the "wrestling" is average at best.  They didn't do the best job keeping your attention and the seating in GA is first come first serve standing room only, which I knew before hand and tried to avoid having an issue finding a seat but of course Los Angeles did not let me be so lucky, arrived about a half hour late and was forced to sit on the steps in one of the aisles, which forced me and my gf to have to look around people standing in front of us and move when anyone in the audience needed to use the aisle to go somewhere.  

    Overall I didnt have the time I was expecting, somewhat of a routine and mostly boring way to have a different kind of fun in LA.  It is fun for the fact that it is a unique, one of a kind sort of thing in its own right, but I think once is enough for me.

  • 408 S Main St
    Los Angeles, CA 90013
    4.0 étoiles

    Started with the boquerones.  This dish is an appetizer of fried anchovy or sardine, cannot remember which and is served with honey, saffron and a spanish type sauce used to enhance the flavor.  Very interesting and good if you like sardines n that type of thing like me.  If not, the honey and everything else on it will only hope to take away that fishy taste I learned to love so much.  

    Confit half duck was good, juicy, not too gamey and served in a very tasty and complex fennel, pear and pickled garlic marinade which definitely gains your attention quickly.  

    Fresh corn polenta was good, though I had never thought to make or have a dish like this in the past for the simple reason that the ingredients were completely new and unique to me and had to see what comes to mind when the flavors of this dish come together.  I enjoyed it, though may not get again in the future since it didnt have any real market value IMO.  

    Crispy sunchokes were awesome.  Sunchokes are similar to tougher texture artichokes, that crisp to perfection in the fryer and have a very distinct taste and those whom have had the opportunity and desire to have these would most likely agree with me.  That being said, how they use sauce and other foods to enhance the flavor really make all the difference.  In this particular case, they use tarragon, dukkah which is a Mediterranean almond, nut and spice type of bread crumb style topping and croutons help make their sunchokes a real hit.

    Of course I had to order a Bäco, since before this dining experience I was completely out of the loop as to what this was.  I ordered the Toron which Oxtail hash which was delicious, tender and reminded me of being the filet mignon of sloppy joe meat.  cheddar tater which was like mashed potatoes brown similar to has browns and a horseradish yogurt that was a nice way to round off this taste, but did not really blow me away like I had expected it to.  

    To round out my dining experience, I ordered the pistachio cheesecake for dessert.  MAN O MAN.  If you are a pistachio ice cream fan or simply just like pistachios and cheesecake, you will definitely find this dessert to be a good way to end another good foodie dining experience in Los Angeles.  

    The other Bäco I ordered was a lamb version off the special sandwich menu.  It came with your usual Mediterranean style additions such as harrissa, balela which is essentially just chickpeas in a oil and vinegar based marinade,

  • 241 S San Pedro St
    Los Angeles, CA 90012
    5.0 étoiles

    I will make this review short, sweet and to the point since the yelp community reports this restaurant closed.  

    I had a very good experience here and enjoy the chefs ability to cater to seasonal trends and an ever changing menu that is sourced locally and always subject to change.  

    Pig ear chicharrones (4 out of 5) Really good flavor, good crunch, good overall taste, but just felt like they were missing maybe just one thing.  

    Fried Okra (5 out of 5) If you  are like me and have never experienced fried okra or even know what okra is for that matter, you should get familiar.  It is not as bad as one might think.

    Toad in a hole (5 out of 5) A very modern interpretation on a favorite childhood breakfast dish my mom would make for special occasions.  Is it better than my moms?  I have always said nothing beats my moms cooking....except in this case where I might have to make an exception.  **Sorry MOM**

    Pumpkin gnocchi (5 out of 5) interesting combination of flavors come together in this unique dish and props must be given to the chefs for their precision with such a tough dish to execute properly given its tough to understand flavor profile.  

    Rosemary beef ragu (5 out of 5) Perfect flavor, perfect ingredients and properly cooked to perfection.  Awesome dish

    Lazy ox burger (4 out of 5) Different that your everyday run of the mill burger but no Father Office so that might be the only thing keeping it from getting a 5 from me.  What? Im forever spoiled I apologize.  

    I had a dessert that was on the specials of the day board but cant for the life of me remember what, I just remember it being delicious and so I would recommend their dessert based on that.

  • 233 E Huntington Dr
    Arcadia, CA 91006
    3.0 étoiles

    This place is definitely a unique dining experience in a few different ways.  

    First of all, this is one of the most iconic restaurants in the Southland.  It has been around since the early 1920s and have served as the "go to" spot for after race drinks and/or dinner, especially those receiving checks from Santa Anita Park.  LOL

    Many A-List celebs are known to frequent this place, and is shown with the pictures of such return guests hung up throughout the restaurant.  

    When ordering, they do a very good job reviewing the specials of the day as well as clarifying any questions one may have in regards to the menu.  

    They soon bring complimentary sourdough cheesebread for the table to enjoy on the house as you continue to build an appetite.  This stuff is a very good first impression.  

    For starters, I ordered the seafood trifecta which comes with shrimp scampi, bacon wrapped scallops and a jumbo lump meat crab cake.  The scampi was good, the bacon wrapped scallops were very flavorful, meaty and cooked to an almost perfection and the crab cake was the best I had ever had.  
    Also got the Lobster bites as an appetizer and they did not at all disappoint.  The derby is rather expensive given the budget friendly places of today, but their dishes are executed with such precision that I can at the very least, promise you will not be disappointed with very many things you order.  

    For dinner, my guest ordered the double cut prime pork chop which is never really an entree I would order because most serve theirs far too dry for my liking but this was slight pink but not so cooked in the center that it was too dry or lacking real flavor.  The pomegranate reduction glaze they simmer it in is really a well thought out enhancement for the pork chop.  

    I ordered the restaurant signature filet wrapped in bacon.  If that makes your mouth water just on the basis of what you imagine when i say that, you will not be disappointed.  It was better than I had imagined.  Generally speaking, I prefer not to order filet mignon for the simple fact of restaurants either under cooking it to the degree that the inside is to raw and chewy for my liking or too over cooked for my taste.  For this reason, I would tend to order a prime rib since they tend to be made more precisely to your cooking preference.  I ordered it to be cooked medium rare, it was juicy, pink on the inside but not red in the middle.  I feel they did an excellent job at cooking medium rare to match with what I would consider to be medium rare.  

    For dessert We ordered the dessert sampler.  This came with tuxedo cake (bomb), warm whiskey bread pudding (bomber) and The made famous by The Derby cheesecake (out of this world).  I could not believe after everything that we consumed that we would finish dessert.  I thought I would need a to go box for sure but it was all taken down at the hands of myself and my guest.  

    I will definitely come back to The Derby again, and would recommend this to those that are both adventurous eaters and those who prefer to keep things traditional.  The Derby caters to both types of diners.

  • 114 McFadden Pl
    Newport Beach, CA 92663
    4.0 étoiles
    24/03/2015 Avis mis à jour

    Was given a gift card to this place and needed to use it up so since I was in Newport Beach, I did just that.  

    It was fairly late so this review is not based on the food since they stop serving food because the kitchen closes at 10 most nights, and then they have sort of a club night.  

    Baja Sharkeez is a dope place to party, they always have good music on, alot of good looking women everywhere and enough booze to drown the entire city.  The drinks are pricey considering if you want a mixed drink, it will most likely be pretty weak in terms of alcohol content but overall, I had a good time.

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    15/07/2014 Avis précédent
    This place is always crackin'

    I thought the vibe was dope, the food was pretty on point and the…
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  • 101 E Imperial Hwy
    Brea, CA 92821
    3.0 étoiles

    Good food, good happy hour, good vibes.

    Came here initially just for beers during happy hour.  Naturally Ended up getting oysters, of course.  

    The beer list was not the most concise Ive seen but they did have a decent selection, including a few local beers, The Bruery in particular.  

    The oysters tasted clean and fresh, and they give you bread with olive oil and garlic as an appetizer.  

    I ordered the Alaskan King Crab legs and they were delicious, but then again, I would complain if King Crab legs were ever anything but.  

    My friend ordered the Jambalaya and it was pretty damn good too.  Not top spicy, not too bland, served piping hot and did not skimp on the shrimp.  (no skimping on the shrimping)

    All in all I enjoyed my experience at TAPS but it was not the most amazing fish place that I have ever been to, which still makes me question why their name is always put in ALL CAPS? Must be an acronym for something.

  • $ Pizza
    111 Washington St
    San Diego, CA 92103
    4.0 étoiles

    So I must admit, anytime a place uses a borough of New York to sell their product, I am a tad bit skeptical.  

    This place helps change that perception.  They make some pretty on point NYC Style thin crust. I always get a slice of plain cheese as a shout to NYC, a pepperoni/mushroom, a bianca, a margherita, and a pesto.  


    GPS location if you are as unfamiliar with the San Diego Area as I am apparently.  I have been to Daygo numerous times but still get lost in the North Metro area of the city that wraps around the Bay, the Airport and ultimately takes you to La Jolla and Torrey Pines if you are not careful.  It does not seem as though any street in SD goes only East/West or North/South, they go where they please.  Shhhheeeesh!!!!


    Worst case scenario, there is an ATM in the back, convenientely charging a $3.00 service fee.

  • 3725 Greenwood St
    San Diego, CA 92110
    5.0 étoiles

    Modern Times is getting a FIVE star from me for one reason and one reason only,
    "Black Milk", their signature coffee stout.  

    I had the Black Milk Coffee Stout for the first time in a can for brunch at The Raymond in Pasadena.  Modern Times Brewing Co. fits right in with the numerous, legit, San Diego County Brew houses, with their Mission Statement and general beer info.  They could potentially be more pretentious than that of Stone Brewery who brews "Arrogant Bastard".  

    Upon entering the brewery, it is very apparent they are doing their best to be unique, abstract and want to stand out among all the rest.  They have a giant pixelated mural on their far wall and a bar made up of books...(Not sure if they are actually books though they appear to be)

    The Brew House also brews Coffee in form of extracts and cold brewed varieties using the best Arabica Beans from the most sought after regions of the world.  
    They also use several different types of hops, chocolate, and malts.  Together they harmoniously become "Black Milk Coffee Stout".

    Outside the Black Milk signature, they also had a Black Milk stout brewed with peaberry coffee beans which are very strong and distinct in flavor as well as a house NITRO version which goes down so smooth and velvety, It should be illegal to serve it to alcoholics.  

    Thank you Modern Times for serving to alcoholics nationwide.  

    As for the rest of the Modern Times repartoir, I would recommend not branching too far from your comfort zone, The coffee stout is their bread and butter for sure.  

    To health!
    Here here

  • $$ Hôtel
    998 W Mission Bay Dr
    San Diego, CA 92109
    4.0 étoiles

    This resort is legit.

    Expensive but you really do get what you pay for, in every aspect of life I have found this to be true.  
    Very friendly staff, Amazing atmosphere on its own parcel of land on the San Diego Bay just a few miles from Sea World

    Every room for the most part has a good view of something, and many rooms facing the bay have Ocean Views.  

    ***I recommend Bahia Resort for couples looking for a romantic retreat or to reconnect and relax.  Take full advantage of the setting, and walk with your loved ones on the Resorts private beach and port/marina***

    Parking can be a beech tho at times so arrive to check in as early as possible.