• 428 W Katella Ave
    Orange, CA 92867
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    I haven't written a review in an extremely long time and I am happy to be writing this one while I am in the place!

    I moved to Orange this past summer and I was looking for a coffee shop with some character. Though I do like Starbucks, I don't like sitting in a Starbucks. Bodhi is comfortable and has really interesting furniture and mugs. I never get a plastic or paper cup here for myself as I enjoy sitting and spending time here.

    The whole place smells amazing and my daughter(now nearing 4 years old) enjoys coming with me on our weekend coffee dates. She enjoys picking where she would like to sit, listening to the alternative jams playing--though I'd love to hear some live music in here one day! There is definitely a lot of space in here! I just overheard somebody say, "dang this place is huge!"

    I am simple, I enjoy just a cup of coffee (fresh drip) and the ambiance makes me want to sit and savor it. My daughter has tried the different smoothies and they are decent. This is a perfect place to relax with a cup or more with a laptop, a book or adult coloring book, with a friend or solo. Love it and will be back.

  • 18025 E Gale Ave
    City of Industry, CA 91748
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    I've been wanting to try this place for awhile and I think that I am definitely coming back soon. We met a friend here at around 4p.m. on a Sunday and it is the perfect time to go to beat the dinner crowd.

    As soon as my toddler stepped inside she couldn't wait to step into the play area! She was extremely excited and the place kept her attention the entire time (2 hours).  So she definitely used our $10 dollars worth of play time well. When we had to leave she threw a humongous tantrum...sigh...she loved it that much. She cried all the way to our home in Orange County begging to take her to play again.

    I am sure that other people have said this but remember to bring your little one some socks, and bring some for yourself too. If you are like me, I hate socks and I never wear them...so pack them before you come!  

    I had the milk tea, which was very good. And the spicy avocado burger...pretty good too and a pretty big portion of food.  I ordered my little one the chicken nugget plate with the veggies. She loved looking at it...but decided that the play food was much more fun and did not want to sit at the table to eat at all. I ended up taking it to go and she ate it at home. I also ordered the short ribs to go for my husband who was at home waiting for us. He let me know that it was pretty tender and he had plenty leftover for the next day.

    The bill...ouch. I didn't realize that a couple of entrees, playtime and take out could add up to that much. But I did have some time to chat with a friend and my little one got to socialize and have a wonderful time (until we had to leave).  

    Next time we'll try the lunch hour.

  • 13681 Newport Ave
    Tustin, CA 92780
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    I frequent this Souplantation because 1) it is the closest to my house 2) because it is not as crazy crowded as the Irvine one and has plenty of parking 3) Great for my toddler--and it is her absolute favorite place to go!

    As a mom of a toddler, I appreciate Souplantation's family friendly environment. They help me to my seat because they see that my hands are full. And the staff seems to read my mind most of the time. The other day, I really wanted/needed a straw for the little one and the guy who was cleaning up the trays came by and he was like, "you need a straw?" So I appreciate the mind reading.

    Toddler Tips:
    --The tiny ones are still free as they don't really eat much. But they have great toddler selections. My daughter's favorite is the Mac and Cheese! What I do to make the pasta bowl a bit more nutritious is add some extras to it. If they have veggie soup around that day, I take a bit of the soup veggies and mix that in with the pasta. I also add chicken from the chicken noodle soup along with some peas and corn from the salad bar.

    --Another thing that I do is grab those little paper cups at the salad bar and fill it with beans, corn, peas, olives, or anything I think my little one might like or try. She gets super excited about the little cups of fun stuff to try.

    --The mini ice cream cones. Perfect size.

    We frequent this place at least once a week because it is one of the few places that I can have a healthy, relaxing meal without worrying too much and without having to clean up when the meal is done. It is also one of the few places that she will sit in her hi-chair, enjoy her lunch and people watch. Be back next week!

  • 215 W Birch St
    Brea, CA 92821
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    My new favorite place!

    First of all, I really love Brea Downtown. I fell in love with Birch Street when I used to work for Pacific Symphony and we had our first summer "Symphony in the Cities" concert there. I just think Birch street is incredibly cute and it is great that they have Bruxie right in the center of it all.

    I expected the waffles to be really heavy and make me full with just a few bites, but they are surprisingly pretty light! My friend and I split 2 waffles. I ordered the "Green Eggs and Ham"--and I do love them Sam I Am! And my friend ordered the chicken. I am currently pregnant and my biggest aversion has been chicken--but I loved the chicken waffle! I also was interested in a shake but only agreed to one because my friend split one with me. They served 1 shake (20 oz) to us in 2 cups and made it pretty!

    I can't wait to go again and try other things on the menu!

    Words of advice: This place is popular and gets packed quickly. I arrived there at 9:50 am and it was the best time to get a seat and to not have to stand in line. Arrive early if you want to sit down!

  • 8717 Santa Monica Blvd
    West Hollywood, CA 90069
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    I haven't written a review in quite awhile but I am happy to write one for this new establishment in West Hollywood--SNOBAR!

    I was able to go to the opening last month and was very pleased to be treated to free SNO-so I was able to try multiple flavors. The most interesting flavor on the menu that day had to be the Rose flavor--it is just a flavor you don't often come by! The staff was really great and I loved how one of the employees were skating around with the SNOBAR logo shaved on the back of his head. One asian grandpa just had to take a pic with him.

    My 2nd experience with SNObar was having them over for a catered party of 60+ people. This was a non-traditional baby shower (guys, gals, kids and grandmas) on Halloween weekend. The SNO was a hit with all ages and there was actually a line to get the SNO! We had both Mango and Honeydew flavor that afternoon.  Most people who were there had never tried Taiwanese style shave ice before and went back for large seconds!  It definitely made my baby shower memorable and I would recommend having them to cater to any large party!!

  • 2825 Main Street
    Irvine, CA 92614
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    This place loses a star or so because it is always so freaking crowded. The folks of Irvine (especially the chinese community!) demand a buffet of greens and there is just not enough parking for them (us)! This is especially true on Sunday afternoons. Be prepared for a 20 min wait for a table!

    Besides this, I am a super fan of the souplantation!

  • 17582 17th St
    Tustin, CA 92780
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    The husband and I have been thinking about ditching christmas this year and going to Hawaii. It was his idea!!!! :) Well, to get into the holiday Hawaii spirit I really wanted to try out some hawaiian food that was not L&L. Ono Ono was pretty good and writing this a week later, I am sort of craving it again.

    Located in a little, not so busy shopping center, this place was pretty easy to find. We both each got a combo plate of Mochiko chicken and Kaula pork. It came with two sides and was a ton of food! Husband tried the long rice noodle with macaroni, I liked what he got!!! Why did I just choose plain rice? We ended up taking home leftovers and had it for dinner. So, basically 1 plate is enough for 2 meals. :)

    There are two different soups that you can choose from and grab by yourself before your meal comes. I had the really spicy one with cabbage and some other kind of veggies in it.  Pretty good!

    Shaved Ice? Eh.  Looking forward to trying the real stuff on the island.

    But overall, the food and the ambiance got me into the spirit and we ended up booking air+hotel for a week stay in Hawaii the day after that. I am sure we'll be back to eat here in the near future.

  • 13290 Jamboree Rd
    Irvine, CA 92602
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    So for many months I've wondered what this place that is literally across the street from my house was like. Just to prove that we weren't at all Lazy Dogs, we walked from our house to visit this establishment. The first thing we noticed was paw prints everywhere, which my friend jokingly explained that it was the "universal symbol for "Dogs Allowed"" I almost believed her as we walked past the patio filled with families and their doggies.

    The ambiance, definitely interesting and comfortable.
    Our waitress asked us if this was our first time dining there...and it was!
    We were moments later greeted by a manager of some sort with some complimentary flat bread...nice!

    We ordered a pitcher of Peach Sangria, which was maybe not the best idea. The pitcher was filled with mainly ice, so it tasted more like watered down peach soda.

    My husband who LOVES smoothies ordered a strawberry banana smoothie. He was unimpressed by the strawberries as it was strawberry sauce (the kind they put on strawberry sundaes) as he was expecting fresh strawberries.

    We ordered from the lunch menu and my friend ordered a salad and pizza. They were a bit late on the pizza (not too late though, she was still working on her salad) and they took it off our bill.

    The food overall was A OK but great variety. I'd definitely come back to try something else.

    The service, excellent!

  • 3531 S Fairview St
    Santa Ana, CA 92704
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    My 3rd time at Sonic today and I've only had their drinks and have only been through the drive-thru.

    This place is so close to where I work and has already turned into a favorite lunch spot. My co-workers have tried the burgers and the tots but so far I've only had a few drinks.

    They have so many drink choices that I was a bit overwhelmed the first time I ordered. I ended up with a chocolate milkshake, and with it came a free shake (sweet!). The shake was traditional, yummy, real milk/ice cream.

    My next trip I ordered a large cherry limeade. YUM! So far my favorite drink ever. I finished a large.

    The next trip: Cherry slushie, eh. I ordered a medium and the slush seemed never ending. I really was hoping to get a watermelon one but they ran out?!! I was disappointed.

    Service, A-OK. A girl on roller skates came out to serve me my drinks in the drive-thru line hoping to save time. She apparently didn't have any change with her and it took a good 5 minutes or more for her to find some and come back. It did not save time.

    Each drink comes with a mint on top. But, why?

    Overall, I am a fan and I will continue to try out and experiment with their crazy drinks.

  • 1028 N Rush St
    Chicago, IL 60611
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    Glad that we made a reservation for this place...because they didn't seat us until 30 minutes after our reservation! :P They definitely made up for it in ambiance, service and their food.

    The Bar: There are a lot of older men here on the prowl. yikes!  Definitely much more men than women here. No thank you, but if you are looking for that sort of thing, I guess this is the place to be!

    The Service: Our server was Elvis, yes Elvis I am giving you a shot out. He kept pointing out the window and swears that he was pointing out Oprah, mentioned that Julia Roberts was in the place last week, and thought that I looked like Ann Curry. He was entertaining.

    The food: They bring out the raw meat selections before you actually order. I was eyeing the Chicago cut, but our server kept suggesting that I would probably go for the filet. I don't think he has seen a little asian chick finish a big steak like that before.

    I got the Chicago cut medium rare. It has got to be one of the best steaks I've ever had. It was HUGE, but I finished it. Our server also gave us an extra potato...like we needed it with all that meat. He also brought a complimentary dessert (chocolate mousse cake).

    But I think that if you are visiting Chicago, this place is a must. I had enough meat for about a month...and honestly went on a vegetarian diet for the next few days.

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