• 8121 Madison Ave
    Fair Oaks, CA 95628
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    So sad that this place has gone way downhill... I love Indian food - love to cook it & love to dine out to experience a new taste.
    I live close to Naan so I have been here at least 15 times. Each time we get the young college student (we know this as the last booth always has her books piled there with a pillow & sometimes she is engrossed in them) gal with long hair with an attitude that could kill you! Sometimes when I walk in I cringe to see her but the food is tasty so I continue.
    The last couple of times the food has changed for the worst. The chicken is over done, hair in the soup, naan burnt but I have overlooked because one dish is delicious and brings me back.
    Not last night!
    The snooty waitress was there as always and she didn't bring us the chips and dipping sauces (which I love) and there was only one other table. I chose not to ask her because less time with her the better.
    The saag was tasty but lacked something- the chicken tikka masala had several cardomann pods left in it so when you took a bite it was horrible. In another dish we ordered there were stringy pieces of vegetable that were disgusting to try and digest. The lentils were delicious til I got the the end and either a hair or a string couldn't tell - enough all ready!
    We waited for naan- and finally our lovely waitress (not) came and said the naan oven was broken & she walked away!
    What's funny is when I told my daughter where we went to dinner she replied isn't that the place the waitress is nasty?  So, yes all in all some of the items may still be delicious but we will not be returning for the horrible service 1st and foremost and the cleanliness of the kitchen!

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    I loved this place when it was Star of India- the couple who owned it were so delightful.
    I do like…
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  • $$ Pizza
    7815 Greenback Ln
    Citrus Heights, CA 95610
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    So, I have now gone to Linda's over 10 times and have enjoyed the pizza. I usually get to go but have come with kids and the young waitress is very friendly & her service is spot on. I stay away from Linda- she is still with no smile and needs to take her retirement from customer service. There is an older fella that's behind the bar that says hello and serves the beer and if I wait for the pizza at the bar he strikes up a conversation sometimes.

    The pizza is good- however I still find the crust lack-luster of taste- sometimes I find myself dipping it in ranch (which is truly not my style).
    I will continue getting za there and hope oneday the crust will be updated with a little seasoning & Linda will retire to leave it to the friendly ladies.

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    I was very excited to have Linda's Pizza move into our neck of the woods. All of their ads say call… En savoir plus
  • 823 Clay St
    San Francisco, CA 94108
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    I needed a Chinese rest. that could hold 26 5/6 graders & 20 adults w/ a good selection & an out the door price. Tom the manager was marvelous.
    When emailing ?'s he emailed me timely & gave me all of the info + more.
    Organized perfectly! We were seated w children @ their tables & adults to enjoy a dinner w/out potty jokes!
    The service was impeccable. Water was brought right away- tea was served, smiles were always present.
    The food was scrumptious! We started out w the wonton soup- tasty, hot & simple.
    Salt & Pepper Chix Wings- finger lickin good
    Beef w Broccoli- Broccoli still crunchy & the sauce was yummy
    House Chowmein that the children killed in seconds because it was so tasty.
    Lemon Chicken- this was the first plate done on every table- I was using a spoon to get the last of the sauce just to lick again.
    Garlic Chicken- you must like onions & garlic- & man I do!
    Sweet & Sour Porkchops- this was the least favorite of mine but I still had a huge helping & finished it all.
    My water glass was always filled- my dirty plate removed promptly w another clean plate replaced.

    The bathrooms upstairs were clean & well stocked.

    The price was fantastic!

    The entire school group left w smiles upon their faces & a new Chinese rest. to rant about to their friends & family.

    Thank you, to the entire staff of Chef Hung's!

  • 7744 Fair Oaks Blvd
    Carmichael, CA 95608
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    Julian the owner is very trust worthy. He lets you know what you need right away & what you can wait on.
    We have been going to him for eight years w our volvo & we are very satisfied w their service.
    Wish they were open on Sat. but you can't have everything.
    Jonathan is also very honest & knowledgeable about volvos.
    If you own a used Volvo you know that you will be dropping a few bucks every time you see the mechanic- I recommend you seek CVS out as they will make sure all of the work is necessary.

  • 3981 Douglas Blvd
    Roseville, CA 95661
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    Walter the owner was recommend by a friend @ work.
    Brought my truck in for some major work that Firestone told me I needed done immediately.
    Sure enough Walter let me know it was not necessary to do all the the work listed saving me quite a bit of money. I continue to bring FFAC all of my cars & have been very satisfied.

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    My car needed a new fuel pump as I came out of Hoshalls- & Speedee got to have the business because it was right there.
    This was in Nov. they said it would take two days & I signed off to go ahead. On the 2nd day they called & said it was going to take another three days as the mechanic was not finished & he was off for the next two days. I was at their mercy! Got the car back & it sat in the garage for the whole winter-- it's a convertible.
    Take her out after her winter break and realize she is having issues w the fuel again. Read the paperwork & realize I am out of warranty on the fuel pump as it was 3 months & 3000 miles, seeing that the car only had 10 miles since it was fixed I figured I had some leverage to talk to the mechanics.
    Brought the car and the manager let me know right away that it didn't sound like a fuel pump issue more like a electrical- as did the mechanic who he had come out and start it 4 times.
    I signed off for them to look at it & waited. It was a faulty fuel pump & they would replace it for free (the right thing to do- that's why they get 2 stars) & of course they told me it needed $250 worth of work- which I chose to let them do instead of my regular mechanic who I trust.
    Again I was told it would be ready @ the end of the day. After calling @ the end of the day I was told the next day mid afternoon- after calling I was told the end of the day. I called as I was en route & the mechanic let me know he had been working only on my car the WHOLE DAY (funny but I called @ 10am and he was still not in- my day starts @ 4:30am - that's a whole day for me -not 10:30-5) & that he had missed his mother's day party & he would be off for the next two days.
    Again @ their mercy I sit and wait! Great customer service!
    This is a place to get a quick lube oil filter- but if you have anything else- unless you have another car to drive expect to wait a long time & the parts may not be 100% reliable!

    Commentaire de Tony M. de SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service
    25/09/2012 We did take care of your car OUT OF WARRANTY. I did call a mechanic in to make sure your car was… En savoir plus
  • 315 Riverside Ave
    Roseville, CA 95678
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    Found a volvo on their lot @ 315 Riverside Ave. in Roseville. The salesman Ivan (who truly should get out of sales) came out on his phone looking as if he was truly annoyed that we wanted to test drive a car.
    As we test drove the car he stayed on his phone & we interjected w ?'s about the car that he truly didn't know. Knowing that he would not be the person to deal w, we asked for a card of the owner & to put the price & info on a card. He just handed me a card w the car make & model & turned on his heel.

    I then spoke w the owner of the company Dan- that I was interested in the car & wanted to move forward w getting it checked out by my mechanic, which he told me would be quite impossible as it was way too far away to drive from Roseville to Fair Oaks & that I should just get a Roseville mechanic. He then gave me advice about getting it checked out & that plugging it in to a Volvo machine to check it out was pure bs. I who own a  volvo all ready knew otherwise! Told him I would find a mechanic & get back to him to schedule a time.

    Decided to test drive the vehicle one more time before spending a $115 to check it out. Arrived @ the dealership on Friday @ 2ish & again Ivan came out not on his phone miraculously. I was then shuffled into their dingy office to meet Chris the other partner of the business. He clearly didn't care that I was in his office. After explaining the warranty on the vehicle & some other info. I let him know that I was planning to get it inspected & would like to schedule it on Monday @ a local place. He made some nasty comment that we looked pissed off & told us to smile. As I let him know his office was hot & he needed to put his ac on & I would smile.

    They were closed Sunday so on Monday @ 8am I called them to schedule a time to bring it to the mechanic & Chris called me back to let me know he raised the price of the car $2000 & I probably didn't want it anymore & hung up. Ridiculously rude. Letting it be know that I had wasted his time! The man who met me for all of 15 minutes and never left his seat!

    I am truly thankful I did not buy a car from these men. I believe they sell something else besides cars!

  • 6838 Kermit Ln
    Fair Oaks, CA 95628
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    28/03/2011 Avis mis à jour

    This is a new year of school for us! The teachers (Mr. Chans & Ms. Diana) we have this year are amazing in their field.
    They are on time everyday, smiles on faces, passion for the day & attentive to the constant needs of the children. They are true Montessori instructors.
    I am most impressed this year with the communication flowing from the admin. & teachers.
    Very thankful that my children will be staying here until 8th grade after seeing our alternative of Carneige Middle school.

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    A Montessori education for free!
    What more can you ask? Well u can ask for great teachers & admin.…
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  • 11711 Nevada City Hwy
    Grass Valley, CA 95945
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    Went on a snowy Saturday morning w/ many other wrestling families that were looking for a quick breakfast.
    The waitress was delightful- even w the rush that slam packed them she kept a smile on her face and attended everyone's needs- I like to watch other tables & see people's faces & such.
    The food was tasty; eggs, hash browns & pancakes all on the grill.
    Coffee was good too.
    The four stars are for the  staff who all smiled & made you feel welcomed.
    The drive thru rocks- if we lived here we would frequent!

  • 8680 Greenback Ln
    Orangevale, CA 95662
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    Our family has been a member for 7 years. All in all I have been very happy w Cal fit.
    Everyone who works there smiles and says hello & looks like they like working there.
    I go @ that ridiculous hour of 4:30 so I can get everything done in the day.
    I swim in the pool & do machines upstairs- & yoga. The yoga that is on Sun is good however sometimes it's too lite.
    I like the water classes & I plan to try the new trx class(looks pretty cool).
    The kids either love or hate the kids club depending on how many children are in there and who is watching them. It's great when the kids club staff actually makes a game happen & has the kids moving their bodies. The space is small but sometimes my kids come out fully worked out!
    The husband does the spin class & he loves it except on country day.
    I will say now that they opened the new club in Citrus Heights we go back and forth but I like this club for the pool.

    When my parents moved here and we helped sign them up they offered us a $50 gift card towards Cal fit stuff - that was 6 months ago & everytime I mention it to the SHADY sales guy he says he still has to check w cooperate.
    I will agree w the hassle of freezing your account- I had to do it one time and they were real nasty about it.

    If you don't have to mess w your membership you are good to go.

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