• 2617 NE University Village St
    Seattle, WA 98105
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    I wish I had the foresight to check the yelp reviews before giving these people my money. Many of the other reviews would have warned me about their predatory pricing and unscrupulous behavior.

    The woman at the window counter charged me $20 to replace the battery in a simple $50 skagen watch. Just one year later the battery ran out of power again. When I opened the watch, the battery had wierd purple markings on it. Not only did they overcharge me, but they didn't replace my old battery with a brand new battery. Just awful.

  • 527 Charcot Ave
    San Jose, CA 95131
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    Will detailed my car. He washed it, clay-ed it, polished the paint, and applied paint sealant. After two weeks my car still looks like it was just detailed after doing a quick bucket wash myself. I am happy with the detailing service. I called ahead to bring my car by for a detailed assessment, and then I scheduled my appointment for three weeks later. He books up far out on the calendar, so don't expect to come in and have your car detailed the same day.

  • 90 Glenn Way
    San Carlos, CA 94070
    5.0 étoiles

    Martin and Gerardo came to my house to clean my chimney. They showed up on time, and I was really grateful to have a Saturday appointment. Linda was very prompt with me by email and by phone to schedule the appointment and confirm the day before. Martin and Gerardo were very efficient and careful with my fireplace, living room floors, and roof. I saw noticeable difference in my chimney's cleanliness when comparing the before and after condition of the chimney.

    I also asked Martin to check my other chimney to see if it was in good condition as a flue for my gas water heater in the basement. Martin reassured me that the chimney was in great condition. I thought I was going to have to spend $400 to install a stainless steel liner, but it was good to meet someone honest enough to tell me that I do not yet need to install such a liner.

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    This review is for the service department.

    The ability of the service department to correct mistakes that it makes is more important than an unrealistic expectation of flawless performance with each and every customer that ever comes in for service.

    I had an issue during an oil change. My service advisor called me two hours after I dropped my car off to tell me the oil pan bolt opening was stripped and that my car was leaking oil as a result. I was asked to pay $150 to repair the threads in the oil pan bolt opening in order to get my car back.

    They tried to blame my previous mechanic for doing the damage to my car. I explained that my car is normally maintained by AH Connection, a mechanic shop with a flawless reputation. I was visiting South Bay Honda that day because of an unrelated airbag recall and the convenience of a Saturday appointment. At this point I asked my service advisor to cancel my service appointment and simply give me my car back. He explained that he couldn't give me my car because it would be leaking oil !!!

    I reiterated that it was a dumb move for the mechanic to damage my car. Eventually my service advisor called me back to tell me that he has dropped the oil pan scam and would have new threads put in so that I could get my car back. My car is 12 years old, and my other mechanic (AH Connection) deals with frozen bolts in various components of the car (e.g. air cleaner housing), but they never ever call me up and say "Oops we stripped your bolts, please pay us $150 to get your car back, it is your fault for going to a different mechanic last time."

    Perhaps my mechanic and/or my service advisor at South Bay Honda were not scamming me, but merely suffering from incompetency. If the South Bay Honda mechanic did not have a good feeling about my oil pan bolt, who put the gun to his head and ordered him to force the bolt out and strip my threads?

    Two days later, the service department manager thoughtfully reviewed my complaint and called me back to have a new oil pan put in my car to best ensure that my car would not have oil pan issues. The manager of the service department also clarified that his standard policy for mechanics requires careful evaluation of any frozen or rusted bolts and a discussion with customers before trying to open the frozen or rusted bolts. If bolts or bolt openings get damaged and the customer was not informed of any concerns ahead of time, then South Bay Honda performs the repair free of charge.

    My specific service advisor still gets a one star review. One does not need work experience, but only the most elementary sense of decency to realize that if they are servicing someone's car, the least they can do is return the car to the customer in as good condition it was in when the customer brought in the car.

    The overall policy related to frozen bolts deserves five stars and the service department manager's effort to have the policy uniformly enforced deserves five stars too.

  • W Valley Dr
    Campbell, CA 95008
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    This review is based on one experience with Paul:

    Paul did well hanging a couple of mirrors for me. One mirror was very heavy and before drilling into the wall, he patiently held the heavy mirror up against the wall while my wife and I had a long conversation about whether or not to reposition the mirror downwards a few inches.

    Both mirrors are hanging level and feel secure. Paul also did some miscellaneous work repairing gable vent screening in my attic. He responded to all my questions while doing the work and helped me better understand the features of my house.

    Paul showed up within 10 minutes of our scheduled time, and stayed the full two hours from the time of his arrival. Paul was able to come to my house on a Sunday at 1pm, which allows me to go to work and stay at my work during weekdays. I look forward to working with him in the future.

    Before calling Paul, I did look over his one negative yelp review. There was some complaint about paint colors not matching after patching (a wall?). In terms of patching up holes in my walls---I view it as my responsibility to have the right color paint for my contractors. But more importantly, I wish the other reviewer would have posted a photo of the work she had a complaint with. All the photos on this yelp page comprise of before-and-after photos showing high quality workmanship.

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    On friday afternoon I was able to make a reservation for Sunday at 2pm. I did not get the usual story about how I need to pay $300 for an initial clean. I was able to simply book 3.5 hours of cleaning online. Yolanda showed up on time and gave reasonable estimates of how long each request would take, and I was satisfied with what she accomplished in 3.5 hours.

    Meanwhile the other cleaning company that wanted $300 from me informed me that November 25th is the soonest availability they have to inspect my house and confirm their estimate. Of course this other cleaning company will need to come back a different day to clean. And, of course, I'll have zero chance that the other cleaning company can come to my house during a time when I'm not actually at work myself. If it were not for Homejoy I would be living in my own filth until November 25th (today's date is Oct. 20).

  • 228 Broadway
    Cambridge, MA 02139
    4.0 étoiles

    I like the house special fish (it is a pot with big chunks of fish and spicy oil) and the chili chicken. The food is reliably good an I have had it for take out many times. It is also good for eat-in but the restaurant gets crowded and the seating is also crowed, but that doesn't keep people from coming.

  • 2724 4th Ave S
    Seattle, WA 98134
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    Illegal charges.

    The employee Sony (maybe it was spelled Sonny?) said that the daily $10.99 "roadside safety net" was mandatory because I did not buy the insurance. I told him I would not sign for the charge. He said "it don't matter we already charged your card." I called budget customer service and the customer service said this information was "completely false." I had to call his boss Sergey to get the charges reversed. I'm glad his boss reversed the charge, but it was completely unacceptable for Sony to intimidate me with "it don't matter we already charged your card."

    Earlier when I picked up the truck, I had reserved a cargo van but the rental agent said that they did not have a cargo van. Either the reservation system is broken or the employees here were lying to me, in any case you can't count on having your vehicle there for you, which defeats the purpose of a reservation.

    Update on Oct. 22:

    Amazing, since writing this review five weeks ago, two additional people have already complained about this business on Yelp. Imagine how many more got ripped off and didn't even speak up. I have filed my complaint with the Washington Attorney General (CRCComplaints@ATG.WA.GOV, atg.wa.gov, atg.wa.gov/FileAComplain…) and you can file your complaints with their office too.

  • 498 Sanchez St
    San Francisco, CA 94114
    2.0 étoiles

    The tea room that my wife likes to normally visit was not open today (labor day) so we tried this place instead. It was OK.

    Food: 4 stars

    There are people in the back preparing the food. We never got to interact with them, but the food that the wait staff brought us tasted nice and felt hearty and nutritious. We had nice quiche, salad, beets, smoked salmon, deviled egg, eggplant spread, and fruit. We really wish the wait staff actually brought us *all* the food we ordered (see below) because I am sure we would have also enjoyed the items we missed out on (scones, chocolate brownie).

    Tea: 2 stars

    We both had black teas. The english breakfast tea was watery. The russian samovar tea had an interesting smokey flavor but it was lukewarm. The wait staff left the russian samovar tea unattended and it sat in there indefinitely until a customer got to the bottom of the pot and asked the staff to refill. I would have expected the wait staff to monitor the samovar and regularly re-brew the tea after about 15 minutes or so ... like how they do at dunkin donuts.

    Service: 1 star

    My wife and I did not have any particularly negative encounter with anyone on the wait staff. We sincerely believe that any customer coming into this tea lounge has an equal chance of receiving the same low quality of service that we got.

    A. The food took 50 minutes to arrive.

    What was really surprising is that the staff did not bring us water or our tea to help us pass the time. The tea came after 30 minutes, then after an additional 15 minutes I asked the staff to check in on our food. The people sitting next to us had a similar issue with an order of waffles.

    B. The wait staff deceived us.

    The restaurant ran out of scones and replaced them with grocery-store bought english muffins. I completely understand that restaurants run out of food, but I do not understand---nor do I accept---being deceived. The wait staff should have been up front and told us that they ran out of scones. We could have worked out an alternative (e.g., more quiche). Instead, they replaced the scones with grocery-store bought english muffins (definitely not freshly baked) and hoped that we would not notice.

    They also simply forgot to bring us a chocolate brownie with our russian tea service order, and they didn't even try to trick us with a substitute for that item! Overall, this service was very strange because I've never been to a restaurant that makes random substitutions and omissions from the menu without telling the customers.  

    C. The wait staff intentionally avoided us.

    After waiting 50 minutes for our food, I was not prepared for another indefinite waiting game for our check. I stood up and walked toward the nearest member of the waitstaff. He made eye contact with me and then looked away and continued clearing a recently vacated table. I was a little confused why he didn't ask how he could help me, but I just waited until he finished clearing the table and then I stepped into the space between him and the kitchen so he would have to hear my request.

    Summary: 2 stars overall

    The average for food (4 star), tea (2 star), and service (1 star) made this experience 2.33 stars. The service clearly bumps this one down to 2 stars. I don't regret visiting this place because the food was nice and because our favorite tea room was closed. I will not repeat. However, if the cooking staff decides to quit and start their own restaurant, I would definitely love to try the food again.

  • 216 Sumner St
    Newton, MA 02459
    5.0 étoiles

    I ate here for the first time on Saturday. I came in at 9:30pm. There were still customers in the restaurant but the sign on their door said they closed at 9pm. The person at the counter said they would still make me a burger. I also ordered the sweet potato fries.

    Then it was time to pay. I didn't have cash but they happily accepted my AMEX card --- which is often an issue with other small restaurants like these (especially for small charges under $10).

    Then I waited at a table for my takeout order. I was surprised when a guy came over and handed me my food in just five minutes.

    I ate the sweet potato fries on my 20 minute drive home. They gave me so much food that when I reached home, I was still working on the fries! The burger did not disappoint either --- the very fresh lettuce and tomato (reminds me of in-n-out) were appreciated.

    Everything about my experience was perfect, hence five stars.

    Warning: they make the burgers medium/medium-well by default, which is what I like. But if you want a well-done burger make sure to ask.

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