• 2550 Grant Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19114
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    Well, this has been the Giant du jour lately and it ain't too shabby.

    Nothing necessarily extraordinary about it either, mind you. They're not stocking things you can't find anywhere else. It's not exotic or luxurious, nor is it entertaining or mysterious.

    It's just a very ample and efficient supermarket. It's clean. The points reward program for gas is cool. I normally don't bother with things like that, but this takes little to no effort on the customer's part and it's nice to be able fill up for a fraction of the regular price once in a while.

    The shopping center it is a part of should, in theory, be good too. It's sprawling, new and at a heavily trafficked intersection but most of it I don't have any use for. I only patronize two stores: Giant and the state store next door. (Which is awesome BTW).

    The parking lot kinda sucks, of course that's because of all the other shitty little scumbag shoppers, not the businesses.

    Dig it, Giant's where it's at. Save money on gas, get your food and lottery tickets then pop in next door and get a couple bottles of wine. Just be careful driving through the lot because people are assholes.

    They have those signature PB cookies too! ;)

  • 901 South St
    Philadelphia, PA 19147
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    Ah, Little Italy Pizza...I used to live nearby and it was a regular source of many meals.

    It's not one of those pizzerias that will ever have a legendary reputation or achieve cult status but I think it's definitely one the best pizza places in Philly. I've had a large number of their menu items (entrees, pasta dishes, salads, apps, etc.) and I've always been very pleased.

    I can honestly say, as someone who has ordered delivery from LIP probably a hundred times if not more, I've never had any problem with delivery whatsoever. In my personal experience, delivery has always been prompt and accurate. Maybe my proximity played into that success rate, I don't know. I just wanted to put that out there since a lot of folks are dinging them on delivery.

  • 1500 Locust St
    Philadelphia, PA 19102
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    I was on the fence about giving Fado either three or four stars. I wrestled with it for a bit but I think service tipped the scales in their favor. I've always had positive experiences with their bartenders.

    It's an Irish Pub, I'm sure it's all been said in previous reviews. Just like many of you, I cut my teeth in Irish Pubs when I started going to bars. Places like these leave a little of a "been there, done that" taste in your mouth as they all follow a fairly similar formula. Yet there is something to be said for the places that make an effort to excel and stand out among the rest.

    I believe Fado is one of those places.

    I don't know if it was the bar themselves or a member of the drinking public who originally made the claim that Fado pours the best pints of Guinness in the city, but either way, I wouldn't contest it.

  • 51 N 12th St
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
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    Personally, this place is both an irresistible draw and a great source of confusion. The latter due largely to it's sheer size and the incredible level of variety available here.

    Upon arriving, I always find myself doing laps just taking in all the visuals and aromas of the wealth of foods around me. I have to admit, I've been here numerous times and I can still get lost inside. I walk, stare at stuff, dodge people, read menus, walk some more, dodge a few more people, stare at more stuff.

    I've barely scratched the surface in terms of how many vendors within the RTM I've patronized. I've bought treats from the Amish and I've been to Pearl's & DiNic's - all were good experiences.

    I can see why some might call it a tourist trap, but I personally would not characterize it as such. I think aside from it's practicality and usefulness, it's part of the rich history of the city and a throw back to markets of old. It's certainly a great asset to have here.

    When it's time to leave I just walk straight until I find an exterior wall which will ultimately lead to an exit. Depending on what street I'm facing and my intended course, I adjust as necessary.

    There's nothing quite like it. Worth a visit.

  • 9183 Roosevelt Blvd
    Philadelphia, PA 19114
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    So they closed the one in Bensalem and moved here, interesting. Obviously, the product hasn't changed. How about its other qualities?

    I've only been here for a few brief  visits (eat, have two beers, leave) since this location opened. After some careful scrutiny I've concluded my current issues aren't with the establishment so much as with the clientele.

    You have to ask yourself, who is the Hooters bar regular? It's not like we're in the sticks and Hooters is the only bar in a thirty mile radius. What is the draw here for some as opposed to say, a neighborhood corner bar?

    The obvious answer of course is, the girls, but isn't that also the weakest and creepiest answer as well? After all, there are places specifically designed for adult men to view partially clothed women, most notably, strip clubs. If you are the type of person who instead, chooses to get those kicks at Hooters, then being in your presence would likely be an unpleasant experience for me.

    Two recent highlights:

    A while back I saw a middle-aged gentleman, an apparent regular, at the bar objecting to the way the cook shouted the server's name to alert when an order was ready. I actually watched him erupt into a tantrum each time it happened. It would have been hysterical if it wasn't so asinine and uncalled for. He called the manager over to talk about it. Apparently they had this conversation before and nothing was done about it and he was pissed at him too. If that's what they do, why should they change to accommodate this dope's inexplicable and bizarre oversensitivity? What is it, ruining the Hooters experience for him? Does it detract from the "ambiance"? It probably didn't help he chose the seat closest to the kitchen. Ass.

    Another time - I was busy running errands one Fri or Sat night (exciting weekend, I know). It was getting late and I hadn't had dinner so I decided to make a pit stop for some wings. "It can't be crowded", I thought, "There's probably a few losers in there watching basketball.". I couldn't have been more wrong. There was some kind of half-assed pageant going on. There was a DJ booth set up right at the front door, you had to walk through it to enter and the place was packed to the gills. Sure, the girls are all hot....I get it, but they're just pawns in this larger no-frills and pathetic circus. I sat taking in the rest of the scene as a whole: aging men way over-dressed for where they were, young thug-types trying to look hard while drinking girly mixed drinks, gross fat people eating at tables. "Where the fuck am I?" I thought. It's like a whole subculture that fortunately never intersects with the world I live in. I found it all, in one word, disturbing.

    The place was so packed I didn't feel comfortable eating at the bar. I didn't even attempt to get take out. I finished my beer and left.

    Look Hooters, I know you're not all this way. It's not completely your fault. When you set up shop in a place whose indigenous population is largely classless and brain dead this is bound to happen. I love your wings and I think it's great that you serve alcohol and give sexy ladies jobs but I can't deal with the freak show.

  • Bar
    1309 Sansom St
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
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    Yep, I'm putting the Squid's Stamp of Approval on this one. I'm totally sold and regret it's taken me this long to check it out.

    All the comforts of a premium dive in the heart of Center City with ample TVs, jukebox and friendly, proficient bartenders.

    No matter how crowded it gets, I always seem to be able to score a couple of seats at the bar. Some say the crowd leans a little hipster, but I say it is truly a blend. Just the sort of mix a reasonable person should expect in Center City.

    I appreciate the succinct name. I don't appreciate the corny "Who's on first?" humor that comes with it. If  "13th & Sansom" isn't enough to get you there, then I don't think I want to drink with you anyway. ;)

  • 3198 Holme Ave
    Philadelphia, PA 19102
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    Premier à donner un avis

    This is a combination gas station & Dunkin Donuts at the intersection of Holme Avenue and Willits Road in Northeast Philadelphia. It's a place for coffee, gas and smokes. A lot of dirtbags come here.

    First and foremost, parking is fucked. If you ever come here, I'm willing to bet it's the one thing you definitely take away from the experience.

    There are no designated parking spaces and it's a small, irregularly shaped parcel of land. People try to park against the building both parallel and perpendicular to it, making it almost like a game of Tetris. The only way to keep above the fray is to park at a pump or as far away from the building as possible.

    I actually saw someone pull their car up to the front door of the building once. No, not close to the door...RIGHT UP TO THE FRONT DOOR! He parks it and walked in like it was the most normal thing in the world. The car was so close you would not be able to open the car door and the store entrance at the same time. You had to let the store entrance door first close behind you when exiting before you could then walk around the car.

    Another problem is people who shop here seem to be oblivious to the fact that there are other customers behind them in line. Once they pay for their merchandise they simply turn 180 degrees and try to walk straight through the people waiting behind them. Lines are common, everyday things. Why does this happen here? Weird.

    Last, but not least, this sometimes becomes a hangout for some of the shittier kids from this Northeast Philly enclave. They're such a charming bunch, let me tell ya.

    The employees are pretty cool, well the gas station guys are. Screw the Dunkin' staff, they're a little slow.

  • 736 S 8th St
    Philadelphia, PA 19147
    4.0 étoiles

    First: If you want an example of how to put your best foot forward as a new bar introducing itself to the public, look no further than Growlers. I was here twice shortly after they opened and I was thoroughly impressed. It's hard to find an aspect of this place which was not conceived and executed well.

    I've been back several times since. The bar itself is spacious and good looking. They have a little dining room area with couches and a fireplace too. Totally cozy and cool. The menu is concise and everything I have had so far has been good. The beer selection, while not vast, always has enough good ones on it to keep things interesting.

    I did recently have the pork mac and cheese for the first time. The dish was good, but what I got looked nothing like what is pictured here on Yelp. I got a small grape-sized dollop of pork topping my pasta. LOL. It that looked like it was done with a mini ice cream scoop.

    If you want to be comfortable, eat well, drink well and enjoy yourself you can't go wrong with Growler's. The staff is nice and they even have one of them fancy modern jukeboxes too. You really can't do better in that neighborhood and its immediate surroundings.


  • 400 Union Square Dr
    New Hope, PA 18938
    4.0 étoiles

    The beers are a solid "good". Better than average, not exceptional. The thing of it is they're unique, you're only going to get them here. The draft list isn't long, about six or seven on tap, so it's a not hard to have one of each. (..and I say that in terms of full servings, not flight-sized. LOL)

    If I had to choose my favorite qualities about this place I'd say the food and the atmosphere. For this kind of establishment, the food exceeds my expectations. It falls somewhere between sports bar and gastropub quality. As for the atmosphere, what can you say other than that a day trip to New Hope puts everyone in good spirits? Sometimes they have live music as well. They also have pool tables and darts. It's an all around comfortable place that's very conducive to having a good time. Seats at the bar can be precious commodities, if you can snag two or more you're in good shape.

    The service is a solid "okay"...you could sit there for hours and never have an empty glass, yet in the same visit wait twenty minutes to place a food order. The place is always buzzing and any hiccups are minor. They get the job done.

    It's situated along that vast municipal parking lot they have up there alongside the train tracks, so parking is never a problem. I find it's best to start your day in NH at Triumph, eat & drink, then do all your strolling up and back on Main Street.

    If you're limited to the confines of the city or just never had a desire to hit New Hope, you're missing out. I visit New Hope a few times every year and I almost always make a point to hit Triumph when I'm there.

  • 1100 S Columbus Blvd
    Philadelphia, PA 19147
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    Pho is the word, is the word that you've heard.
    It's got groove, it's got meaning.
    Pho is the time, is the place, is the motion.  
    Pho is the way we are feeling.

    Six bucks for a bowl of magic and a cornucopia of produce delivered to your table before your ass even warms the chair? Every visit leaves me beside myself.

    Is there ever a time when this place isn't packed?