• Los Angeles, CA 90028
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    First off, let me just state that I'm not a shill. Like, if a business has mistreated me in any way, I will do a War and Peace write-up here about the whole thing. That said . . .

    California Maids are worth every dollar. They showed up PROMPTLY when I called them, cleaned every inch of my place--seriously, my place looked completely spotless. I was shocked, because ServiceMaster does an okay job. California Maids did expert work, a few levels above ServiceMaster. Above all, I needed them ASAP and they managed to show up sooner.

    When I can see my reflection (and nothing else) on every door handle and cabinet handle, you know the job was well done. Even the countertop looked new, a feat since I abuse it frequently. For some reason, I don't get this level of work from ServiceMaster.

    I can't say enough about California Maids. They are a terrific business, they will do everything you ask of them AND they will do it right, without complaint and without charging you an arm and some internal organs. I've seen the best in Housecleaning--from now on, I don't plan on calling anyone else BUT California Maids. If you call them once, I do not believe you will call anyone else for your housecleaning (and hell, for that matter, office cleaning) needs. They are amazing.  Again, for emphasis: I DON'T PLAN ON DEALING WITH ANYBODY ELSE!

  • 399 N Magnolia Ave
    El Cajon, CA 92020
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    Handed my coupon in, got the food. No complaints, and the shrimp taco I orderded was one of the best tasting tacos I ever ate. Good job, Rubio's. Hassle-free.

  • 5000 Willows Road
    Alpine, CA 91901
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    10/12/2012 Avis mis à jour

    I am improving my initial assessment of Viejas only by one star, because their Toy Drive offer was superb (the offer was, if you donated a toy you received $5 in free play once a day for every day of that promotion, which was not bad). Other than that, I will still criticize Viejas for their Player's Card Panhandling policy of banning players for sharing points with other players, and will continue to persist in my efforts to make it widely known as to what happened, so that the policy may be re-examined or modified for future players.

    I continue to enjoy the other casinos more due to their relaxed standards regarding the earning of points. I am happy Sycuan and Barona do not aggressively penalize their players for sharing points, and Golden Acorn has what I believe to be the most generous free play program I have ever experienced personally. I gambled $100 and earned $35 free play. Golden Acorn is simply stunning with their free play.

    And that is what Viejas will have to do if they want to boost their sagging attendance. That and improve slot payout, which even I must admit is improving. But not much. Giving out more free play will work better than putting a pretty lady on Yelp to distract with corporate-sounding chatter from Viejas's very substantial shortcomings, which continue to keep the Casino from reaching its highest potential as a gaming establishment the equal of Barona or Pechanga.

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    28/09/2012 Avis précédent
    I used to love coming to Viejas Casino. (The bus rides are always great.) But recently, I learned… En savoir plus
  • 1932 Wildcat Canyon Rd
    Lakeside, CA 92040
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    Was a frequent Viejas gambler, until I came here and was treated so much better. This is a fantastic casino, as all of the below reviews can attest.

    Like the pizza, don't love it (and the price, $3.50 a slice, that needs to come down a bit) and some of the other foods are overpriced, but other than that, Barona sets itself apart from virtually any Casino in CA with courteous staff, security that isn't annoying and slots that pay. Sure, there are times when the slots don't hit, but the slots here for the most part (I have found) are simply spectacular. Spectacular slot pays. Another reason I've stopped frequenting Viejas, to come to Barona. Barona's slots DO pay, and pay often. If Barona maintains its high level of service to its patrons, it's gonna grow through the roof. Great job Barona.

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