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  • Merci 18/11/2009

    Thanks for your add!

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    Juste un mot 12/07/2009

    Pour l’avis de Brig sur : Annies Cafe & Bar

    It's definitely true that it's a striking space...I'm curious to see how they make on after they've been at it for awhile -

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    Trop cool ! 20/07/2008

    Pour l’avis de Brig sur : Sushi Sake Japanese Cuisine

    They seemed really sweet and eager the only time I've been in this place.  Thanks for the reminder to give em another shot!

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    Écrivez davantage 15/06/2008

    Pour l’avis de Brig sur : Tomunchi

    I'm amused that the phrase FroYo has taken off like it has..that sucker's everywhere. :) But, sounds like you had a great time here, the rest of us might have to give em a whirl!

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    Trop hot 17/01/2008

    My firearms are useless against you.

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