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    J’aime votre profil 17/03/2013

    chicken wowng

  • Trop cool ! 27/12/2012

    Thanks for all of your fantastic reviews in 2012! Hope your holiday was wonderful, and you have a Happy New Year!

  • Juste un mot 12/12/2012

    Pour l’avis de Scott sur : Harrah's Resort Atlantic City

    Hope you can come!…

  • Écrivez davantage 08/10/2012

    Where have all of those fabulously quippy, insightful and helpful reviews gone? Miss your writing, my friend! Remember - you gotta keep up with the reviews to keep the badge!

  • Trop cool ! 20/09/2012

    Pour l’avis de Scott sur : Venus Pizza

    Nice review, Scott! I'm a sucker for some 'roni, too.

  • Écrivez davantage 20/08/2012

    No reviews since June?! We miss your yelping, Scott! Looking forward to reading something new soon :).

  • Trop cool ! 11/06/2012

    Pour l’avis de Scott sur : Muttley Crew

    Welcome back to the land of yelping! We missed you, buddy :).

  • Écrivez davantage 07/05/2012

    It's been a while since I've ready any new fresh, yelpy reviews  from you -no resting on those Elite laurels, friend! ;)

  • Écrivez davantage 26/04/2012

    We're missing your reviews, Scott!

    • Jay N.
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    Vous écrivez bien 21/03/2012

    Oscar Wilde once said, "Anybody can make history. Only a great man can write it." You my friend, are this (wo)man.

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