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    Merci 25/08/2013

    Pour l’avis de Greg sur : Orr Hot Springs Resort

    Gracias. Merci. Arigato. Danke... There aren't enough languages in the world to express my gratitude.

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    Juste un mot 06/05/2013

    Pour l’avis de Greg sur : Sam's Log Cabin

    Hey how's it going thanks for taking the time to say a few good things. Sam's is not cash only anymore we take cards. Just thought I'd let you know.

  • Trop cool ! 04/04/2012

    Pour l’avis de Greg sur : King's Cleaning Service

    Need to remember this! Thank you.

  • Trop cool ! 28/02/2012

    Pour l’avis de Greg sur : Red Tavern

    Bookmarked! Thanks :) Happy Tuesday!

  • Juste un mot 11/07/2011

    Pour l’avis de Greg sur : Elmer's Restaurant

    Damn, bummer!

  • Trop cool ! 01/03/2011

    Pour l’avis de Greg sur : Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers

    Haven't been, should check it out!

  • Trop cool ! 09/11/2010

    Pour l’avis de Greg sur : Citizen's Band

    The attributes are a general democracy based on votes from users... more people must think it's $$ than $$$.

  • Trop cool ! 04/01/2010

    Pour l’avis de Greg sur : Jennifer and Todd's Cafe Soleil

    I agree with your review pretty much word-for-word! It wasn't that great, but I'm glad it's there, I guess you could say.

  • Juste un mot 12/10/2009

    Hey! I thought that face looked familiar! haha. I went to outlanders the same day you did, we missed each other. How are you what you up to? I'm adding you on yelp

    • Nish N.
    • San Francisco, États-Unis

    Juste un mot 07/09/2009

    Pour l’avis de Greg sur : Pizzetta 211

    Nice a simple review review, just like their pizza.

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