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    Trop hot 21/08/2015

    Your 7 months ago follow request was really good. Let's keep in touch!!

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    Superbe photo 26/11/2014

    "I just want to wish you and your family a safe and Happy Thanksgiving."

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    Trop hot 01/10/2013

    Pour l’avis de Caitlin sur : How Do You Roll?


  • Vous êtes drôle 27/09/2013

    Donut sandwich...yes.

  • Vous écrivez bien 27/09/2013

    Pour l’avis de Caitlin sur : Bierkraft

    How can that be beat?

    • Wes R.
    • Scarborough, Toronto, Canada
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    Vous écrivez bien 05/07/2013

    You're effin ridunkulous Caitlin! Found myself reading all your reviews even though I'm not in the same city lol. When I'm in Brooklyn though, I know who to hit up!

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    Merci 20/05/2013

    Pour l’avis de Caitlin sur : Bareburger

    Gracias. Merci. Arigato. Danke...

    Thanks for the add... I like the places you've picked to eat.. especially in Brooklyn.  For me, Brooklyn is the undiscovered borough; and judging from the looks of your choices, it looks like i'm missing a whole other world...

    again, thanks for the add

  • Vous êtes drôle 30/04/2013

    Pour l’avis de Caitlin sur : Bareburger

    There's one coming to Court St! I hope that one's the tits too.

  • Vous écrivez bien 29/04/2013

    Holy crap - I can't wait to try one!

  • Trop cool ! 29/04/2013

    Pour l’avis de Caitlin sur : Brooklyn Ice House

    This sounds like the best post-workout routine ever!

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