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    • Photo de Amanda D.
      Amanda D.
      New York, États-Unis
      9 sept. 2019

      Very good first meal in Paris. I loved all the options for personal pizza's. I loved being able to order a carafe of rosé even more. Enough for two full glasses. The pizza I picked had an egg and "bacon" on it. It was very good, I would have asked for no meat though it was a thick heavy ham that I wasn't a fan of.

      This is on a very busy street. We sat outside which could go any which way. While we were there, a protest broke out on the street and the French swat came to break it up. Lunch and a show.

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    • Photo de Larie L.
      Larie L.
      Toronto, Canada
      26 nov. 2017

      On our first night in Paris we were famished and started looking for something to eat. Steps away from our hotel we saw Pizza Momo and decided to give it a try.

      The place is small and cosy and the waiters can speak English which is good.

      The food however is nothing special which is disappointing since we were expecting good quality food in Paris. Ordered Pizza and Ravioli Pasta and it was just MEH.

      Would we eat here again, maybe not as there are other selections in the area.

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    • Photo de Kylee L.
      Kylee L.
      Los Angeles, États-Unis
      7 août 2019

      Best Pizza in Paris. Love love love! Incredible service, perfect location, and the food is absolutely delicious!!! I cannot wait to be back!

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    • Photo de Mikey H.
      Mikey H.
      San Diego, États-Unis
      7 sept. 2013

      We came here back in 2010. We were wandering around, looking for some place to eat, and the waiter in front said, "Bonsoir" and as soon as I replied, he said, "We have air condition." It was hot that summer, so we went in. I remember feeling like I was at home, eating comfort food, so naturally we came back on this last trip.

      They have quite a number of tables outside on the sidewalk. Even though it was a pleasant evening, with a breeze blowing, we opted for inside. The funny thing is that they gave us the same table we sat at before. We ordered a bottle of Cotes du Rhone and a spicy sausage pizza to share, and yes we ate it with a fork and knife. We also ordered the spaghetti bolognese which they split for us. Again, comfort food away from home, chill environment, and the servers are fine, not overly friendly, but we weren't there to make friends.

      There were quite a few families there as well. This is one of those places where locals come to eat. It's nothing fancy, no bells or whistles...just good eats! It's along the Rue Rivoli and not near anything historical or touristy. We would definitely stop back by for a meal the next time we're in Paris.

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    • Photo de Kristen R.
      Kristen R.
      Blue Bell, États-Unis
      6 oct. 2019

      I am a little shocked by some of the bad reviews. We stopped to have a drink and split a pizza on our way home from Centre Pompidou. The waiters were nice and even joked around with us despite the language difference. I have pizza in a number of different cities around the world and I thought the crust (which definitely makes or breaks a good pie) was on point. We ordered the Pizza Momo which had salmon on it. It is a combination I wouldn't have thought of but it worked!

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    • Photo de Miguel R.
      Miguel R.
      Hampstead, États-Unis
      5 avr. 2015

      Leave it to American tourists to give this place five stars. Absolutely no locals eat at this place.

      It is a tourist trap and nothing else but that.

      The service was lackluster. We ordered one pizza marguerite and one carbonara pasta. We told the waiter we didnt want bottled water, and he still served us a bottle water and charged us for it.

      We wouldn't have drank it and asked for tap, except he was nowhere to be found. So by the time our food came, we had no choice but to drink the bottled water served to us. That's tourist trap 101 and he executed it to perfection: give the customer NOT what they want, allow them to use it/consume it, make yourself a ghost, show up when they are done and charge them for what you gave them because they cannot argue otherwise.

      The flavor of the food was bland. The pizza was more or less bread with cheese. The sauce had little to no flavor. The pasta carbonara was more Easy Mac than an actual attempt at italian. The fettucini was overly salted and dripped of butter, and drowned in parmesan cheese. The pieces of prosciutto were overcooked to the point that they were reminiscent of burnt pieces of bacon.

      Again, the other waiter in the dining room conveniently did not understand English or Spanish, and our "waiter" didn't show up until we asked for the check.

      Avoid this place.

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    • Photo de Murray J.
      27 mars 2016

      The waiter laughed at me when I asked for a table "en plein air", which is French for 'outside', as though he was subtlety mocking my French skills - never had any problems elsewhere else so that stood out.
      Once I was given a table outside I waited 20mins for some service, but alas it didn't happen so I got up and left. Not even some cutlery or an offer for a drink, and they weren't even busy. Won't be returning.

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    • Photo de Mauritz G.
      Mauritz G.
      Burbank, États-Unis
      27 janv. 2017

      Pizza MoMo is perfect if you want a quality meal but you're squeezed for time. The pizza is tasty, the coffee is mighty good, and the location ideal. Just down the street from St. Paul's station! Speak a little French and the environment will brighten instantly!

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    • Photo de Charles P.
      Charles P.
      BAYSIDE, États-Unis
      28 août 2019

      Excellent place, a wide variety of pizzas, pastas and baked dishes. There are some vegetarian choices. I had the mixed salad which was excellent and the tagliatel au saumon also excellent. The service is outstanding; you receive your order promptly. It is a spacious place with indoor and outdoor seating.

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    • Photo de John T.
      John T.
      Manhattan, États-Unis
      3 janv. 2012

      Pizza Momo doesn't get too many tourists. I happened to stumble upon this place while staying at the youth hostel around the corner (6 Rue de Fourcy). It's a hole in the wall but rather quaint. You'll find no snobby waiter here even if you don't speak a word of French. The food is homey so don't dine here if you're looking for gastronomic savoir-faire.

      The spaghetti tastes like mom makes it. Al dente with a scoop of meat sauce. The four cheese pizza is pretty tasty as well. If you're on a tight budget, this place will satisfy your hunger without breaking the bank.

      Good service, good food and centrally located. You're welcome.

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